Galenia, The Tornado God

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Appearance: ***************

Overview: Galenia is a melee caster that has great mobility and AoE damage, along with some supportive spells.

Roles: Support, AoE, Caster, melee.

Lore: In an ancient abandoned temple in a far away land a wind god lay at rest. He was locked away 20 years ago in a underground prison within the temple. His power had gotten out of control and he had to be destroyed or kept hidden. They could not conquer his power. He slowly gained power and broke free destroying the land from the inside. He was set free once again and joined the League where his powers could be fairly challenged.


Passive: Gale Empowerment- While not in battle Galenia charges wind gales every 2 seconds. After he reaches 6 gales his next basic attack will knock the champion up and slow them.

Q: Vortex- Galenia sets a tornado onto the target place on ground sucking nearby champions in and dealing damage every second.

W: Wind Tunnel- Galenia infuses the power of wind with up to 3 champions giving them magic resist and making them 40% harder to hit (Essentially 40% dodge).

E: Tornado Enforcement- Galenia surges a blast of wind down a line (Uses Rumbles ult targeting system) knocking the champion backing or forward and deal massive damage.

R- Hurricane Rage- Galenia blasts into a huge unstoppable hurricane dealing damage to all nearby champions, knocking them up every 2 seconds and giving his nearby allies 10% reduced damage

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