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(Reworked concept) Eques, the Horseman of the Apocalypse

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Eques, The Horseman of the Apocalypse
Role: Assasin, Melee,
Passive: Chaos Thriving: Eques thrives on chaos and death, so whenever something dies near him he heals2.5% of his max health and mana.(twice that when it’s a champion)

Q: Riders Charge: Eques charges forward on his horse with twice his normal movement speed to a target location dealing damage and stunning all enemies in his path:
Cost 60/70/80/90/100
Cool down 20/18/17/15/12

W: Death’s Hold: Eques targets an ally champion or enemy champion with a black ball holding them in place and shielding allies and damaging enemies:
Cost 100/100/100/100/100
Cool Down 17/16/15/15/14

E: Steed’s Drag: Eques targets an enemy champion or minion summons a horse to drag them back to his location(no damage done with this move):
Cost 45/50/55/60/75
Cool down 10/11/11/12/13
R: Horses of the Doom: Eques selects a small path around him to run the 4 horses in a random order: depending on which you get hit by you will have a different effect: Green: Damaged and poisoned Blue: Damaged and slowed Red: Damaged and Stunned, Black: Damaged and instant death(note this 1 can only instant kill if your under 25%half health otherwise it will do nothing )
Cost 150/130/125
Cool down 120/110/100

HP: 470(+80 per level)
HP regain: 2p/s (+ .3 per level)
MP: 330(+35 per level)
MP regain: .5 p/s(+ .2 per level)
AD: 65(+2.5 per level)
Att speed: .680(+ .25 per level)
Crit chance: .08(+.02 per level)
Armor: 18(+1.5 per level)
Magic resist: 17(+2 per level)
Range: 110
Movement speed: 315

Doran’s Blade
Berserker Greaves
Phantom Dancer
The BloodThirster
Madred’s Bloodrazors

Selection: Time to Ride
Moving: If I can’t catch you my horses will
Trample, Trample, Trample
Attacking: You will be one of many deaths
Your death isn’t a choice
Taunt: Come on and catch my horse

I’m not much of an artist so ill describe how he looks

He stands tall in a large black armor. He wears no helmet and has a pale complexion on his face. His eyes are dark as night. His armor is designed with ancient symbols and such. In his left hand is a long jousting pole weth a very sharp point and in his right hand is a small shield with a skeleton on the front of it. Behind him is an apocalyptic wasteland with his 4 horses standing side by side.

I’m not good at lore so don’t blame me if its bad

Lore: Thousands of year ago there were wars constanly and many ruthless leaders lead those wars. The child of one of those rulers was more ruthless than any before him. His name was Eques. At an early age he excelled at riding horses and fighting from atop them. He led many wars and killed thousands of people. He was traveling through the mountain with 3 of his best riders and they set camp for the night. When he awoke the next moring his riders were dead and there was a small man in the camp. The man was a holy man and declared that Eques leave this land or be cursed. As a response Eques tried to kill him. The man uttered a small incantation and Eques felt a terrible pain and fell to the ground. The next thing he remembered was waking up to see he and the horses in a small cave. He left the cave with the horses to journey through the lands to kill the man that hurt him. What he found was a world completely different from his. Different, except for war. He journeyed through many places fighting battles and killing many people. Still unaware of the curse that was placed upon him. When he learned of the League he took his 4 horses and journeyed to it and requested to join the league.