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[Champion Suggestion] Axle, The Shackled Soul

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LORE: Axle, born a Demacian General's son, was bred since birth to become the most hardened tactician and capable soldier Demacia would have to offer. Eventualy becoming Jarvan IV's right hand man and personal tactic advisor, Axle helped the young Lightshield lead Demacian troops to Hell and back against Noxian forces all over the realm. But with age comes wisdom, and Jericho Swain out maneuvered and captured Axle, Jarvan, and the rest of their forces not dead or bleeding out on the field, leaving the Demacians to the experiments of Urgot. Soon after that dreadful defeat, the Dauntless Vanguard, led by Garen, came to rescue the only two still alive and resisting Urgot's torture: Jarvan IV and Axle, who were held by magical chains that bound to the soul, allowing no mortal's death. But without the proper amount of time, and against Jarvan's pleading voice, Garen was forced to leave Axle, taking with him only his childhood friend. After a year of hatred and vengeance brewing in Axle toward both Demacia and Noxus, Ezreal stumbled upon him while on a treasure hunt. He was able to free Axle by blasting the walls to which he was held, but because of the amount of time the chains were bound to Axle's soul they became permanently attached to his arms, becoming an unbreakable and eternal reminder of both the Noxians who tortured him and the Demacians who left him to die. after leaving the cave, Axle soon found that he could tap into the chains magical energy, turning them into weapons that could smash foes with an immense amount of energy. Deciding to give his newfound enemies a taste of his immortal torture, Axle joined the League of Legends, which would allow him the chance to kill the champions Garen, Jarvan IV, Urgot, and Swain again, and again, and again. "the League of legends is the only tool in which my vengeance is somewhat sated." - Axle, the Shackled Soul

DESCRIPTION: Human male, about to hit his 30's, long, disheveled black hair cascading shoulder length and across his face, allowing the sight of only one intensely focused blue eye. Old, shredded and rusted armor (only leggings and boots). The rest of his body is covered in a very large amount of scarring and he walks with a slight limp on his right leg. Spiked chains bound to his arms are somewhat long and trail behind Axle as he walks.

ROLE: Magic Damage bruiser/initiator - Uses stamina (concept is that the stam you have refers to the amount of magical energy stored in your chains, which replenishes over time. Using your ultimate Requires a set amount of stamina as well as sucks away the rest for increased damage)
* another thing to note, i liked the idea of chains because its a ranged yet melee style weapon. Therefore his attacks are a medium between the two, not quite the ranged of a spellflinger yet coming close


Passive: Chains of Fate - when an enemy champion is hit by any of Axle's skills, their Armor and Magic Resistance is reduced for 5 seconds.
*amount reduced would increase at level 6, 12, 18 as well as amount of time passive effects the enemy champion

Q: Soul Shackle - Axle throws one of his chains in a line, which wraps around and binds to the first enemy it hits. Target suffers magic damage and is held in place (cannot move but can still attack and use abilities) for 3 seconds

W: Sweep - Axle taps into his chains' magical power and sweeps them in an arc, doing damage to all enemies caught within the arc's range

E: Whiplash - Axle aims for his target's vitals, tapping into his chains for extra damage and silencing for 1 second

Ultimate (R): Havoc of the Shackled - Unleashing all of the power stored in his chains, Axle smashes a line into the ground, dealing heavy amounts of true damage and slowing all targets hit my 30% for 4 seconds. The amount of power unleashed is unstable and leaves resin of its energy on the consecrated ground smashed by Axle, slowing enemies who walk across it.
*because the chains are latched onto Axles soul, using that much of the chains power damages said soul, taking 15% of Axles health, but it also siphons the souls of the enemies you hit, giving back 2% (max 10%) of Axle's health per unit hit, as well as 3% of stamina (max 15%).

Axle in my eyes is built more toward an Ability Power bruiser, who can become a great initiator for a team by building hybrid tank/AP and having a hold, slow, and silence with some range on it. i was thinking it might be OP to have all of that but then i compared axle to fiddlesticks, who has a fear, life siphon, silence, and huuuge damage with his ult, which by the way you can teleport onto targets with and is an aoe. he also has more range then Axle will have, and while axle might be able to take a beating more then Fiddle does, Axles ult costs at least 5% of his health, up to 15% if you fail at the skill shot and costing all his stam.

please by all means give me feedback on this char, how to keep him from being OP/UP as well as tweaks that will make him a bit more well rounded. I also have a hard time thinking up things like cooldowns as well as the amount of increased true dmg per point of extra stam for Axle's ult. thank you for your time