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[Champ concept] Azguard, The Tranquil Blade

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Azguard does not use any resource for his abilities other than cooldown (much like Garen or Katerina)

{Passive}: Moving Meditation:
Even while moving Azguard calms his inner demons granting him 2/4/6 extra attack damage for each second that he does not attack. (Cap at 100/150/200 damage). This bonus damage resets after every auto attack and ability usage.

{Q} Demon's strength:
[Passive]: Asguard harnesses his inner demons granting him the strength to cleave through his targets and strike a random nearby foe with each (auto)attack
[Active]: Azguard strikes out at each foe in range doing 40/60/80/100/120(+ad) to each enemy within a small area around him.

{W} Tainted Will:
[Active]: Tainted Will may only be used while Azguard has a debuff placed upon him. Azguard removes all debuffs from himself and empowers his next attack to deal bonus physical damage equal to his current AD.

{E} Draw The Line:
[Active]: Azguard jumps to target location or enemy with such tremendous force that splits the land around him, causing a line of impassable terrain whose length is equal to his AD. If this ability targets an enemy the Azguard deals 40/60/80/100/120(+ad) to the target and the line is drawn behind the target. If this ability does not target and enemy then the line is drawn behind where Azguard lands.

{R} Demon's Edge:
[Active] Azguard strikes out with the demons inside of himself, destroying enemies and empowering allies. Allies caught in the line deal bonus physical damage equal to Azguard's AD on their next strike. Enemies caught in the line take damage equal to twice Azguard's bonus AD.