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[Shado's Concept] Skure The Skull Bandit Outcast

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Mad Jester XI

Junior Member


This is another character i made and he look rather plain on my drawing but if riot could do their magic on him im sure he would look more realistic and good (this is a older drawing of mine)

Short story: Skure started as a regular recruit specialized in demolitions, later they ran low on medical units So he had to learn about the human body and its weaknesses 5 months down the road he was playing with a experimental chemical he created trying to replicate Zaun's greatest chemists "Insanity potion" and thought it was ready but he ran out of "lab rats" so he used it on himself, he went mad and killed around 10 of his fellow bandits, trying to find a cure to his hunger for death he joined the League, being the Psychopath he was he had to be kept separated form the other champions


Skull Bomb: Skure Throws a small bomb to the Targeted area inflicting medium damage and the bomb releases a cloud of poison gas that slowly grows

Toxic Snapper: Snares the target for 2s, Deals instant damage and Poison that lasts 5 seconds.

Gut buster: Skure throws a strong punch at the enemy's weak spot Pushing them back and stunning them for .5s also slowing them for 2s

Signature (ultimate): Skure throws his signature throwing knife which he used to operate at a targets vital organ causing on hot damage and a DOT because of the bleeding wound

The gift of Pain (passive): After each kill that Skure gets he Gains 1 damage

I imagine Skure to be one that is Constantly laughing to himself and is completely nuts