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[Shado's Concept] Zeek, Eyes and Ears of the Void

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Mad Jester XI

Junior Member


This is a Champion i drew at the end of my Math class and threw in some abilities i would like to see something like him, His story goes something on the lines of:

Zeek was traveling through the void when he spotted a strange looking portal and decided to take a closer look on contact with the portal he got thrown into the realm of Runeterra into a jungle off the coast of Zaun on his arrival and rather rough landing of being thrown into a tree he spotted a strange man with a wooden mask that had cross shaped eye holes he was also wearing a vest and torn up pants Zeek skillfully disarmed the man and hid his body in a nearby Bush and took the mans stuff the mask seemed to not fit at first but after a few tries Zeek broke two holes for his horn in the mask making it stay dangling on his face held on only by his two horns, later that night seek was caught trying to find food in Zaun's ally-ways two of Zaun's Guards captured him after having him cornered and brought him to the the City hall where he was questioned but at the end he agreed to fight in the League of legends for the City of Zaun, but when he heard the full story of the League he was more inclined to join the league of find someone who could help him find his way back into the Void.

His abilities are :

Slip N' Slide: Zeek casts a path of purple void ooze and slides to the end of it the path silences and slows anyone who will remain on it, the effect is instantly when the enemies get off the ooze (The path is short about 2x Maokai's Arcane smash)

Rip foot Clamp: Zeek tosses a trap to target location which snares and slows the target that steps on it. after a 5 second times sets off which will trigger a explosion of corrosive goo (ignore what it says on the picture i thought it was a bit OP)

Spell theif: Zeek casts a Void beam at the target enemy and channels for 2.5 seconds the spell does a small amount of damage and drains mana equal to half the damage dealt

Sonar pulse (Ultimate): Zeek lets loose a bone shattering howl revealing and damaging all enemies in a 3500/4000/5500 Radius, also reveals hidden(stealthed) Enemies/wards or Teemos mushrooms ect.

Hot foot (passive): as Zeek runs he gains momentum and at full speed he reduces the duration of all crowd control effects

Please rate and reply with better ideas or something..... Oh and if you could ignore the other drawing i started on that seemed to of somehow showed on this side of the paper....