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Is Cassiopeia a weaker Karthus?

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S B:
Staying back and poking is more of my type of playstyle, so I think it wouldn't be too hard to transition into her. I RARELY see any, so is she a Mid character, solo lane, duo lane?

Would you use your ult to initiate a teamfight? Or would you save it like Fluffy1 mentioned? How do you build her? I've been reading up some guides on her just to get a feel for her but I got a long way to go before I have the money for her.

I've always taken her as a mid, however she could also duo-lane. When I think of her, she's sort of a combination of Malzahar and Karthus. The soft CC with the slow and the Q behave the same as karth while the Damage over Time and (possibly) hard CC ult behaves like malz. That being said, Malz is a more consistent champ. However, in situations where their whole team is trying to chase one member of your team (through the jungle or the like) you can press R at them from the river, pop your W on their whole team, then E E E E E E E for a nice triple.

I like to build Cass fairly tanky;

-Sorc Shoes
-Rod of Ages if need tankier/Deathcap if getting fed
-Zhonya's (armor + amazing active)
-Banshee's Veil
-Will of the Ancients/Rod of Ages/Tenacity AP item

R > Q > E > W
You can harass very strongly with your Q from a range in lane, and sometimes get an E or 2 in if they try to harass as well. You can always out-harass (or at worst, match their harass) in lane if you land your Q's.

9/0/21 masteries

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Cass is weak.

Her damage output is exceptional, but its all over time, not to mention her entire play is based around skill-shots, without a strong slow.

A character that is AP caster with all the weaknesses that implies (relative squishiness, etc) is simply not that good in this metagame. Particularly because she has no real burst, which means she needs to be more exposed in fights (ie constantly near her opponent) instead of just dumping all her damage down and focus on mitigating any incoming damage.

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Cass is a lot stronger lower mana problems (her passive). Karthus is just too squishy late game to be useful whereas cass definitely more helpful to the team.