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Vich the inquisitor

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Lore: In demcaia truth, honor, and valor are the great guidlines thus the inquisitor was born. his view is that malice and selfishness is a disease which should be expunged from the psyche of humankind. he would be in the higher ups of the politcal and "holy" groups making thos who would take advantage of there gifts, and powers be brought to justice.

Overview: he is a very short champion smaller than most but bigger than say teemo, kennen, or even kogmaw. he would be a very short ranged char whos primarly a spell caster. his build would be health 4/10 spells 10/10 attack 1/10 and difficulty 10/10.
his wepon would be a small relic of demacia "i cant think of one off the top of my head"
he would wear robes of high class and look as tho he was incharge.

Statistics: Role: support ranged

health 400(+62) total 1454
health regen 3.5
mana 325(+98) total 1991
mana regen 8.0
movment speed base 330
armor 30
magic res 40
damage 47

Abilities: passive: Backing of the king - Vich has reduced cost on all items in shop 4%

Q: Accuse: Vich targets an enemy champion if they have a passive buff it is remove and damage is delt based on duration time left.

W: Arrest: Vich shackels target enemy champion to the ground and silences them for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3

E: Judge: Vich calls forth the light of demacia to judge the target for 10/15/20/30/40 magic dmg times enemy champion lvl

R: Tribunal: Vich calls forth the kings seal that increases allied champions dmg and magic res by 3% also he slows enemy champions for the duration by 20%. 5sec/7sec/10sec.

Final notes: this champion idea needs some work i know but i would like to see something like this. i will be doing some concept art for him when i get a chance. let me know what you think.