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VIVA LA REVOLUSHUN - Part two of the FIRE club.

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Keiji Cupcakes

Senior Member


After Veigar had use his primordial burst to reset the Universe, something terrible happened, The void, taking it's chance in the newly reformed reality, burst through into Runeterra!

AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT but not really it was Karthus, standing proud and vigilant againt the coming doom, but he had been in the game for a very long time, and they had all just joined. They were all level ones and he was 18, so he used his ultimate and killed the void.

Kassadin rift walks in and Marvels at Kassadin's Googleflextuplakill, and praises him for saving the world from the terrors of the void.

"You, I would have never thought it were possible, I thank you Karthus, they will sing legends of you for all time."

Karthus turns around, and smiles wickedly. "Sing, eh?"

Kassadin gulps, the deathsinger had plans for him. His Song of death..

Karthus opens his mouth, and!!!

Kassadin ran in fear, this was Karthus's deadliest song yet, he would not risk death just yet.


Recently, Shaco, the demon Jester had been spying on the League's top summoners, and had found how they restrict champion abilities and Item bonuses in the fields of justice, and he now knew how to manipulate it to his advantage...

Later that day, shaco was in a match, and using his abilities and new knowledge, was flying solo, uncontrolled by a summoner. He picked up an infinity edge, two deathcaps and Guinsoo's rageblade earlier, after selling all his items, including his boots. He only had 2k gold left, which was perfect. He picked up two boots of Mobility, and shot off into the middle lane at 10 movement speed, he stealthed, got behind the enemy team, and use his ultimate, cloning himself, he launched his dagger at the back of ashe, backstabbing her from a range, he stealthed out again, and left his clone to run in to their back, where their two other ranged were, vayne and corki. they killed the clone, and promptly died of Chronic stabbing syndrome, which they both had the entire game.

Moaki and Yi looked back, suddenly this 5v4 was a 2v5.

Yi's mouth opened, and he roared his battle cry!

" LOL NOOB YOU GUYS SUCK LOL IM SO PRO TAKE ALL YOU ON!" H e used his alpha strike to attack the four ahead of him, and was killed in seconds, screaming - "LOL NOOBS TAKES 5 TO KILL ME LOL I SO PRO"

Moaki had attempted to run to his turret, not wanting to risk an Ace, Suddenely Nocturne flew at him with his ultimate. "IT'S LIKE A SWORD IN THE BACK WITHIN A DREAM WITHIN REAL LIFE, NOTHING WITTY TO SAY HERE!!"

The team had scored an ace, and Shaco was already thunking away at the enemy inhibitor in the middle, having had 10 movespeed. Shaco was so proud of himself, he began to smile, then he realized, he was already smiling! His face soon ruptured open from this, and he frowned in pain. The frowning of shaco is akin to dividing by zero, and the newly reformed universe tore itself apart again.

Veigar suddenely found himself real again, and looked around him.

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Keiji Cupcakes

Senior Member


READ THE NEW ONES **** YOU!!! I feel as if I don't get any views on these, strangely.

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Keiji Cupcakes

Senior Member


Zilean Decided it would be pretty cool to have some Tea. He wanted someone to join him, though He couldn't normally carry a conversation with many, and those that he could were currently busy.

"Hmm.. The way is always the same."

He sighs to himself as he sits down alone.

Suddenely, he hears a very loud noise.


He looks towards the source of the deafening noise, having no idea what it could be, strangely enough. He sees a blue box, with strange writing on it in some language he did not know. Slowly, it begins to come clear to him.

"Police.. Box?"

Suddenely, the door flies open, and a man in a bowtie and a fez jumps out.

Zilean silently comments to himself over the door and the surprise.
"I knew that would happen"

This man was very strange, energetic even, disturbingly so, flitting his hands about and waving a strange Hextech device that Hummed with a high pitched buzz. He kept snapping it back and "opening" it to look at something in it.

He runs up to zilean, who is obviously dumbfounded by this point.

"Trust me, I'm a crossover."

The man darts off towards something in the back room. A giant portal to the void appeared there, and Zilean sighs in boredom.

"It's just the void, they tend to invade every other sunday, if you can even call it that. They tend to feed Karthus most of the time."

The Doctor turns around, chuckling. He grabs Zilean and shoves his head into the rip. Zilean sees many cylindrical shaped Automatons screaming in a very BlitzCrank esque voice- "EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE."

Everything in the Void was slowly being slaughtered, and Zilean understood.

"So those are your enemies, and you've tricked them into saving us that bi-monthly annoyance?"

But Katarina had just stabbed the Doctor in the back!

"LOL I'M REGENERATING." He yelled, both happily and painfully. He turned into a ginger, female paladin, wielding armor with designs denoting her to some Paladin order of the sun.

Katarina looks at the change, chuckling.
"So that's where they get the new ones."

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Keiji Cupcakes

Senior Member


Sometimes I wonder why I write these. Does anyone want me to continue? I get no up votes and no comments. :/

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Keiji Cupcakes

Senior Member


Kiersta was running through the hallway where they kept all the doctors who they later turned into new champions by regenerating them with MAGIC, she had somewhere to be.


Kiersta's face contorted into a :3 face. "Well hey there Kathus." Karthus waved, and started to sing. "A LOT OF AIRPLANES IN THE NIGHT SKY LIKE SHOOTING STARS, I COULD REALLY USE A WISH RIGHT NOW, WISH RIGHT NOW, WISH RIGHT NOWEEOOW!!" Kiersta's face slowly expanded as Karthus hit her with a song of death. He quickly ran away, but not before slamming shaco on the back of the head and tossing him, beaten and bloody, on top of Kiersta.

He surveyed his work, and chuckled evily. "**** ya, perfect cover."

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Keiji Cupcakes

Senior Member


One day, Fiddlesticks decided to throw a party, she didn't know who to invite, because alot of people thought that her killing of anyone who entered didn't coincidentally happen on her time of the month, but she wanted to party and have friends. She sets off into the institute in her best dress and makeup, instead carrying a purse instead of her usual scythe, and letting her pet doves follow her instead of CAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCACAWCAWCAW, the doves were less noisy and prettier, she though. Everyone seemed to be avoiding her! "Oh no", she thought, "I will have no friends for my party." she bumped into Orianna, and they were instantly good friends because, hey, why the hell not. Orianna was dating blitzcrank or some bull**** so now it was a party! Fiddlesticks Danubed back into her chamber to set up decorations.

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Keiji Cupcakes

Senior Member


Kog'maw was very sad, he had no friends. Eating was no fun without friends! He began to cry, his viscous, acidic tears melting holes in the ground beneath him. He wandered through the jungle of the summoner's rift alone, sad. Suddenly, he saw Warwick, who was howling sadly. He had gotten lost and singed couldn't find him. He should have never gotten off him leash! Kog'maw waddled up and gave Warwick a hug.

"Mmmm.. will you be my friend?" Kog'maw asked. Warwick sniffed, and smiled. "Sure, we can be the best of friends" Warwick gave Kog'maw a pat on his back. Kog'maw smiled, and gave his new bestest friend a kiss on the cheek. Warwick replied with a "OOOH MY ****ING GOD MY FACE OH **** OH GOD OH **** OOOAAAAAAGH IT'S MELTING!!" Slowly, he melted into a puddle of hairy green ooze. Kog'maw turned back and forth, not sure where his friend had gotten to, it then occurred to him that he'd been abandoned! He began to cry, seeing a puddle of food nearby, he decided to eat away the pain.

The end.

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Keiji Cupcakes

Senior Member


Does anyone even find these amusing?
I write them when I get an idea in my head. Would like some input.

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Ms Annie Hastur

Senior Member


Bumping after half a year. Shall I restart these?