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[Champion Concept] Hiero, The Forbidden Homunculus

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This Champion is in dire need of Reviews/Suggestions/Criticism!



Once a hidden away from the surface world, trapped inside a glass flask by his master. Even as an artificial life form, Hiero was a magnificent masterpiece and creation, causing many Alchemist, Thieves and Warlords to search out for such being. In order to protect it, Hiero's master stashed him away in a vault in one of his underground research lab. Though many decades has passed, Hiero patiently awaited for his master to come. But one faithful event led to his freedom from the glass flask, still unstable he thought he would die at that very moment when something happened unexpectedly. The natural minerals from around him, ranging from metal, rocks, ores and even rare magic-infused orbs started to surround him and from that very moment, Hiero gained a body in where he can walk and perform actions.

After escaping the abandoned research lab, Hiero searched for his master, gathering any information he could which led him in front of the Institute of War. His arrival caused several destructions as he was unknown to his own powers and the League quickly took actions and imprisoned Homunculus in a prison with four gems that was said to suppress the powers of a being yet Hiero was still far from their control. Only when the League Residence and Champion, Ryze arrived in the scene did everything came into a stop as the little Homunculus approached him and bowed. Still confused to his original creation and how he came to be, the League decided to test it in the Fields of Justice where he is free to show whatever he may have while still keeping him under tight watch.

"This being is not a Yordle nor a creature that I have came across in the books, but it seems to be unknown of the danger it holds within." - Ryze after the extraordinary yet confusing event.


Hiero is a unique Melee Champion that shares several roles such as Tank, Mage and Support making Hiero very versatile in team fights and also he uses a new Resource System called Essence which allows him to cast spells. Hiero starts off a weak but as he gathers more Essence and Items, alone Hiero can be a walking steel cannon that can independently support your allies as long as they are within your range while charging through enemy champions.

Hiero's abilities share a common trait, having a passive buff and an active skill that requires an Essence in order to activate it. Also, if certain conditions are met, some of Hiero's passive buffs may even turn into supportive or offensive abilities that can greatly cripple an enemy champion.



  • Upon Selection:
    "Help me and I shall aid you, Summoner."

    "I want to live..."
    "This is new."
    "For my master."
    "I will never return to that flask!"
    "For decades I have waited."
    "I'm sorry."
    "Cigam Nihtiw."
    "Want to know the secrets of life?"
    "Uncontrollable... energy"
    "To the new world."

    "Even without a body, I'm still unstoppable."
    "Tired? I shall give you eternal rest."

    *Runs around in small circles* "Still getting used... to this walking thing" *Trips*



Champion Attributes: Bruiser, Melee, Recommended

Health: 475 (+69)
Health Regen: 4.6 (+0.67)
Essence: 150 (Caps)
Damage: 57 (+4)
Armor: 30 (+4.25)
Magic Resistance: 30
Attack Speed: 0.822
Range: 125
Movement Speed: 320

Difficulty: 30 (Below Average)



Innate - Adaptability
Hiero unconsciously saps the essence of nearby minions and champions in a 600 AoE, gaining Essence per 2 seconds. Minions gives 4 Essence while Champions give 6 Essence. Essences is permanent until used or upon death which resets to 0. Hiero will not gain Essences for 3 seconds if an allied champion dies within the AoE.

When Hiero's HP drops below 20%, he loses his physical body and returning to his former ghastly form, gaining +50 Base Movement Speed and Ignoring Unit Collision for 6 seconds. Also, Hiero gains Essence per second instead of 2 seconds while in this form. Can only occur once every 3 minutes.

In-depth Review:
Adaptability is Hiero's main power source and basically the root of your destruction as without it, he is stuck with his passive buffs. Regardless of lane, Hiero will gain steady amount of Essence as there will always be 12 Minions and at least 2-4 Champions so gaining those Essence will be easy as pie. Though, this alone encourages Hiero to not wander alone as being isolated from minions means that he'll be near powerless unless he has already stacked enough Essences from the beginning.

The passive part of Hiero allows easy escaping or maneuvering around team fights and allows fluid Essence flow for your powerful skills. Though it lasts for 6 seconds, you'll have to think quick if your still gonna fight or run away. Either way, it provides two choices for players. Though be wary that if an ally dies, you'll lose precious time in gathering Essences, making it rough for you to fight and gather so ensuring the survivability of your allies is a must.


Q - Will Power/Breakthrough!

Will Power - Hiero's sheer determination to find his master grants him a passive 5/10/15/20/25 Tenacity and creates a powerful 400 Radius Disruption Field that causes nearby foes to take damage every second as long as they stay within the AoE.

While at 50% HP, if there are more Enemy Champions than your Allied Champions within 700 AoE of you, this buff is passed to your Ally with the highest HP Percentage for 6 seconds but still retains the DPS of the AoE (Base on Hiero's AP on the time it was transferred.) Once the duration is over, Will Power is disabled for the duration of the cooldown before becoming active again.

Breakthrough! - After gathering enough Essences, Hiero charges into the fray dealing damage to an enemy champion and slowing all enemy units in a 400 AoE around him. Costs 50 Essences.

Will Power - Magic Damage: 6/10/14/18/22 (+0.2 per AP)
Breakthrough! - Mixed Damage: 100/135/170/205/240 (+0.4 per AP and AD)
Breakthrough! - Casting Range: 550
Breakthrough! - Slow: 15/20/25/30/35%
Breakthrough! - Slow Duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds.
Cooldown: 15/13/11/9/7

In-depth Review:
While its a pretty simple skill in all but during Mid-Late Games, this can chip off enemy champions in mere seconds and not to mention to innate Tenacity it gives. Another nifty function of Will Power/Breakthrough! is that you can share the Passive AoE to your more tank-ier allies while still able to perform Breakthrough nonetheless, giving more versatility in team fights. Other ways of taking advantage of it is that once it is passed to your ally, you can leave the fight and still gain assists when your ally manage to kill off enemy champions while under your buff.

Breakthrough! on the other hand is a powerful AoE slow that deals massive damage to an enemy champion and slows nearby enemies as well, allowing your teammates to catch up or flee depending on the situation. Timing Breakthrough! is most important since you'll need to catch a lot of enemy champions in order to take advantage of the slow.



W - Survivability/Infinity Drain

Survivability - Hiero's will to live causes him to gather natural energy around him, causing him to regain a percentage of his lost health every 2 seconds.

If Hiero's HP is above 50% and an Ally's HP is below 30%, this buff is passed to that allied champion for 4 seconds with twice the percentage and half recovery speed. (Recover percentage is now based on the ally and not Hiero's.) Once the duration is over, Survivability is disabled for the duration of the cooldown before becoming active again.

Infinity Drain - After gathering enough Essences, Hiero creates a barrier around himself, causing the next hostile ability to heal him instead. Excess damage still inflict damage as normal. Costs 80 Essences.

Survivability Percentage: 0.25/0.5/0.75/1/1.25% of current lost HP.
Infinity Drain - HP Cap: 60/80/100/120/140 (+0.4 per AP)
Infinity Drain - Duration: 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds.
Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8 seconds.

In-depth Review:
Your basic Tanking ability and your instant heal in a box. Survivability allows you to maintain good lane control and outlast your enemies but the amount of HP recovered is dependent on the amount of HP you have lost so the lower your health is, the faster you recover. Also, as all abilities share the common trait, you can pass it into an ally so they can recover as well with twice the speed and percentage.

While Infinity Drain is your standard instant heal it does require proper timing if you want to use it to the fullest and also note that it only works against targeting and skillshot Abilities, AoE or DPS/Toggle Abilities won't work on it. Also, you shouldn't always rush to your foes since Infinity Drain has an HP Cap so even getting hit by a heavy damaging ability will still damage you nonetheless.


E - Mystical Strength /Unnatural Balance

Mystical Strength - Hiero gathers minerals and magical energies around him, gaining Ability Power and Attack Damage after a duration. Whenever Hiero performs an ability or attacks, he loses 10% of the AP or AD he gained through this ability.

If Hiero is at 50% HP and is attacked or targeted by an Enemy Champion, this buff is passed to that Enemy Champion and loses AP and AD base on the maximum bonuses for 6 seconds. The Enemy Champion loses twice as much to the highest factor of the two (If the Enemy Champion's AD is higher than his AP, then he would lose twice as much of his AD as well.). Once the duration is over, Mystical Strength is disabled for the duration of the cooldown before becoming active again.

Unnatural Balance - After gathering enough Essences, Hiero releases a powerful surge of energy in a 355 AoE around him, causing Enemy Champions to take damage and also silencing them if their AP is higher than their AD or stunning them if their AD is higher than their AP. Costs 80 Essence.

Mystical Strength - AP/AD Gain: 4/7/10/13/16
Mystical Strength - AP/AD Caps: 20/35/50/65/80
Mystical Strength - AP/AD Timer: Ever 6/5/4/3/2 seconds
Unnatural Balance - Mixed Damage: 90/105/130/180/205 (+0.2 AP and AD)
Unnatural Balance - Stun/Silence Duration: 1/1.35/1.7/2.05/2.4 seconds
Cooldown: 17/15/13/11/9

In-depth Review
Mystical Strength serves as your personal buff after a few seconds but definitely worth it as it gives massive AP and AD to you Mid-Late game and a powerful debuff on that unlucky enemy champion. This alone makes Hiero a powerful DPS along with Unnatural Balance, you can disable the opposing team if timed properly despite the small AoE given. It is very versatile as it either silences AP Champions which in turn, most likely Spammers or Mages or stuns AD Champions which greatly reduces their effectiveness in battle.


Ultimate - Name
Help me make an Ultimate! xD