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Yorguul, The Ironspike Ogre

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A bit of a remake. Let me know what you think. :]


Yorguul, The Ironspike Ogre

Generations ago, ogres were not an uncommon sight in Valoran. However, each ogre fought only for itself, rarely willing to reason or cooperate with one another. Their self-destructive philosophy ultimately led to their extinction, the very last ogres living only to meet their end. One of these ogres, however, chose another path. A much darker path.

Yorguul, as his new masters had titled him, lived to spill blood even before it was his duty. Other ogres had always given him a wide berth, which essentially covered a whole mountain along the Ironspike range. Perhaps through destiny, it was on this very mountain that some forgotten demons made their last, hopeful stands. While scavenging inside a decrepit, abandoned shrine, a chilling prescence fell upon Yorguul. It placed upon him not a curse, but a purpose. A purpose he was more than happy to oblige.

Following whispered instructions, Yorguul ventured deeper into the temple and found the tools needed to carry out his new calling. Armed with a humongous warclub and blood-rusted armor - which reportedly barely fits his massive frame - he effortlessly kidnapped dozens of potential sacrifices from nearby barbarian settlements, quickly becoming a local legend, and subsequently one of Valoran's most sought-after bounties. This led to his inevitable capture at the hands of the famed Miss Fortune, rumored to have been aided by several League Summoners.

"So it made ish livin' shpilling blood? Sure it weren't just some fat Noxian? Hwah hah! *hic* Ugh..." Gragas, The Rabblerouser


Passive: Blowout

- Yorguul's standard attacks deal 20% more damage when he is over 65% health and 20% less when he is below 35% health.

Q: Grand Slam

- Yorguul's next attack clobbers the enemy, dealing extra damage and knocking them back. Applies on-hit effects and boasts a short cooldown.

W: Get Tough

- Following a 1-second channel, Yorguul turns red and gains massive bonus armor and tenacity. Being autoattacked extends the duration of this ability. Channel time is halved if Yorguul is below 35% health.

E: Iron Press

- Yorguul lobs his warclub through the air, creating a small AoE where it lands that deals heavy physical damage and grants vision briefly. Yorguul's AD is reduced until he picks up the warclub or the cooldown resets, but he gains bonus MS in the meantime.

R: Blood Quake

- Yorguul flies into a rage, channeling by slamming his weapon against the ground once every half-second for 3 seconds. Enemies near Yorguul are slowed and drained of their health by the shockwaves, healing Yorguul for the collective amount once the channel finishes or is interrupted. Yorguul is immune to CC during the channel as long as he's above 65% health.



- Hard to pin down or kill.
- Good at disrupting fights.
- Can scout using E.
- Good anti-DPS kit.


- Bad chaser.
- Naturally slow MS and AS.
- Risky ultimate.
- Susceptible to casters.