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Himawari, The Temple Priestess

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Name: Himawari, The Temple Priestess

Outfit: traditonal japanese priestess style vest and pants

Weapons: wields a naginata with a long bow and quiver on the back

Lore: undetermined

Role: tank, melee, fighter


Passive. Priestly way- every 3rd ability Himawari heals herself and friendly champions within 5 yards for 5% health over 5 seconds

Q. Demon seal- Himawari applys a paper seal on an enemy dealing damage over 3 seconds, after 3 seconds the enemy is stunned for 1.5 seconds

W. Blessed arrow- Himawari fires a shot from her bow dealing damage to her target and slowing it by 40% for 5 seconds

E. Piercing strike- Himarari stikes her target reducing thier armor and magic reistance for 7 seconds while increasing her armor and magic resistance for 7 seconds

R. Priestly wrath- Himawari's abilities become AoE for 10 seconds or 5 uses, with a range of 12 yards

just an idea i thought up, open to suggestions or changes