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Hi guys, lurking again with another late night quick guide. I'm going to give you a quick overview of how to not fail so much with Shen since the changes to ki-strike and vorpal blade! This will be a quick format but will give some detailed information on gameplay. If you don't get the title, go walk into a coffee table in the darkness.


WAIT WTF?! No really, try it...don't take meditation though.

9x ArmP Marks
9x Scaling HP Seals
9x Scaling MR Glyphs
3x Flat HP Quints

Start with Shadow Dash or Vorpal Blade(If you're helping your jungler start)
At 2, take Shadow or Vorpal, the opposite of the one you took at level 1.
From there, I tend to prioritize Shadow Dash to lvl 3, taking Feint at 4, my ult at 6, then branching off to what I feel is needed. Vorpal For damage, Dash for CC, or Feint for my own tankiness.

Spells are Teleport/Ghost - Map presence and Speed are things I value greatly.

Start is Cloth Armor, 5x Red or Cloth Armor, Ward, + pots

Core item build is simple and effective. I prefer to rush Aegis, typically following with Merc Treads. (If you think you're pro try inserting Leviathan after mercury treads.) Then, either Sunfire Cape or Force of Nature depending on the enemy's currently fed damage type. If it's hard to decide, grab both a chain vest and a negatron cloak before completing either main item. Some may dispute FoN as the MR item of choice compared to Banshee's Veil, but I really feel like BV has wasted stats(+mana) and that FoN's movement speed and health regeneration are a better choice vs MR heavy teams. After you have completed one of the above, you're like to need to complete the other.

This leaves us with:

Aegis of the Legion
Mercury Treads
Sunfire Cape
Force of Nature

At this point it's getting to be mid/late game and you're getting tanky, teamfights are prevalent and you need some help getting the bit of damage you can produce out and keeping runner's within death's grasp. I find the two best options to be Frozen Mallet and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Frozen Mallet gives more effective hp(and dmg for ki-strike) and allows your auto attacks to slow. RCS on the other hand, allows your Vorpal Blade to slow and gives you beefier shields. The choice is really up to personal preference.

Laning with Shen is simple.Use Vorpal Blade to last hit and try to harass with Ki-Strike, only last hit with it if necessary. Feint, before a Ki-Strike harass, will generally negate all incoming creep damage from the agro. Should an enemy present himself as out of position and of lacking HP, taunt and kill it with your laning partner. Once you hit 6, you should be saving people. Ulting to near dead allies, saving their bacon and killing the enemy. Usually accomplished by Dashing the nearest threat, Hitting it with Vorpal and autoattacking ad-nauseum. Don't be afraid to use teleport to gank, if an enemy engages behind a creep wave and commits it can be a real death sentence for them.

If you are solo laning with Shen, focus solely on not dying while staying within XP range. If you get dangerously low, don't risk dying. You took teleport so you can come right back, right? Last hit only when you cannot be punished for it or you are under your own tower. At 6, call for a gank, then let someone else have the lane. You should be teleporting around saving people.

After you have obtained your ult, you should be at every teamfight. Every teamfight. Every teamfight. Get it? You can use Shadow Dash to initiate,but I believe it's best to save your taunt for when your carries are in danger. Be careful not to expend all of your energy. You need to have it available to taunt. If successful, you should be able to help pick off runners and still have most of your HP(allowing you to dive when necessary). Using feint during a dive to help negate turret damage is also useful. Oftentimes, if the enemy is defending and initiation is required, feint and shadow dash in under the turret, agro at least 1 and try to walk him into your team. With competent teammates, this should usually lead to a kill and eventually, outnumbering the enemies.

Thanks for the quick reads guys, I hope it helps some of you! Please upvote if you like it.