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Circo, The Ringmaster

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Hello riot i have put ALOT of thought to this and i would give my grandma away for this champ no joke.

I Get the name, from something that sounds like he came directly out of the circus. And i get his surname (description name thing) by saying that hes the master of the circus

Meet, Circo, The Ringmaster. I scavenge Bits and pieces of this champion and the main idea, from Fortunado. A Boss in: KISS PSYCHO CIRCUS THE NIGHTMARE CHILD.

The idea is simple.. a tiny, fat litte, ranged, scary looking clown, that throws bowling pins.. the rest, is your imagination. ill throw a quick spell set together if youd like to know some ideas.

Here is a video of Fortunado from the game i was talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDElEHlgqXw

PASSIVE: Circo starts juggling 1 pin every 20 seconds of not being attacked. the pin will passively block any ability sent at Circo, Maximum 3 pins at once.

Q: Circo throws a pin at the selected target dealing damage and igniting the target for 3 seconds also dealing damage

W: Circo jumps in the air, and spins simultaneously throwing pins to the nearest targets dealing damage ( Much like kat's ult but not as strong )

E: Circo Throws a pin at a friendly minion, if it kills the minion, it heals circo (X amount) and makes him bigger with an increase in max health, stackable up tp 4 times losing all stacks upon death.

R: Circo casts "Flames Abode" that passively ignites his pins on fire. when he tosses them, they ignite the enemy, dealing bonus damage over 10 seconds, and if you cast your Q during the ultimate it slows the enemy.

THANK YOU RIOT for taking time out of your day to see this. i think this would be the single handedly coolest champ of all time. but maybe thats because i have a strong fatuation with clowns and unique weapons. like cards ( TF ) and bowling pins (Circo)