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garath the baby dragon

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Kazon Banki

Junior Member


Garath the baby Dragon

Role: melee, bruiser

garath is a little dragon ranging from baby to teen so not that big
giving him a limit on how much of his fire and ability's he can use for how small he is

Damage: 57 (3 per lvl)
health 475( 87 per lvl)
Move speed:325
Armor:30 (+2 per lvl)
Spell Block: 32 (+1 per lvl)
Health Regen .85 (.12 per lvl)
flame Regen (15 per second)

Garath dose is a kid making him unable to control his flame so instead of mana he has a
Flame bar measuring how much flame he has left the more flame he has the stronger his ability's are the less flame he has the less he dose every 50 flame missing (10%) damage decrease

Fire Ball:
grath shoots a fire ball at the enemy dealing damage (80\120\175\200\220)(+.85 damage)
(6% current flame)
cool down: 10 sec

spray fire:
grath spray fire in a cone in front of him dealing damage to all in the cone(50\80\100\120\175)(+.5 damage)(5% of current flame)
15 sec

garath fires a massive fire ball dealing damage and getting rid of the rest of his flame knocking him back and dealing(50\60\75\100\150) (+ half the flame used as damage)no ability or damage mods

Ultimate Rain Of Fire:
garath builds his flame and launches six fire balls separately each fireball stuns for (.2sec) and dose (80\120\200)(20% of starting flame )(+.3 damage) think of it as kog'maws ult artillery with not as much range
costs 175
cool down 185 sec

tell me what you think i will wright more on him like lore and stuff but i would like to know what you guys think first