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Do you think Noraver sounds interesting? (Even if you wouldn't play him yourself)

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[Champion Suggestion] Noraver, Protecter Of The Life Seed

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Long time player and viewer, first time poster. I've almost completed a fantasy novel, and as some of you may guess, the main character's name is Noraver. Yes, that's exactly where I get my Summoner name from.
Basically, he's a young adult, and a druid that specializes in the elements. He's not a very offensive champion, but in a way, more support.
I've never really thought of how much DAMAGE his moves would do, but I'm sure some people or Riot would figure that out themselves.
Anywhos, here we go!

E: Wild Wave
Similar to Janna's tornado, except obviously, a small wave of water. For up to three seconds, if he casts nothing else (As in, concentrates on this spell alone), the wave grows larger (wider). As the wave travels, it deals immediate damage to anyone it hits, dragging them along with it. If champion collide with a wall, turret, etc, they will be stunned for one (or two) second(s). Not sure if it should deal more damage depending on the amount of time used up or not. 12 Second Cooldown.
Description: Noraver casts a small tsunami that grows in size if he doesn't cast any other spells for 3 seconds. Drags enemies with it. If smashed into a wall, they're stunned for one/two seconds.

W: Chain Lightning
Instant cast spell. Rank 1: Hits two targets (similar to Miss Fortune's Double-Up). Up to 6 targets at level 5, increasing by one per level. Cannot hit the same target more than twice. Prioritizes champions. 6 Second Cooldown. This would be his main source of major damage.
Description: See above.

E: Grasp Of Nature
Similar to Swain's Nethermove. Haven't decided how this would work, but probably something like this.. Targets an area like Nethermove, as vines quickly creep out of the ground and take hold of the single (or two) fastest champion(s) in the area of its effect. Holds them for three seconds, dealing minor damage. Targets will not be stunned, or unable to act, only unable to move. Duration increases slightly by level. Perhaps, 1-3 seconds. 8-10 Second Cooldown, maybe?
Description: Wild roots are summoned to grasp hold of the fastest enemy champions in the area. They will be held for 1-3 seconds. (Whatever duration is decided)

R: Whirlpool
Noraver creates a magic whirlpool of raging water, spinning and slowing champions inside. This deals damage over time. Not too much, but it has a large range of effect. Depending on which idea is liked better, it can spin both teams of champions. Champions will still be able to move while inside, only slowed if moving against the current, and sped up if moving with it. The current spins in the direction, depending on team you're on. Example: Purple, it spins to the right, as you would think during most fights, it would slow the champions from running away, and speeding up your teammates that attempt to chase after. Same goes for the Blue team, but spinning to the left.
Champions ARE dragged toward the middle, not just completely around in a circle.
If the Whirlpool is cast in the water of Summoner's Rift, the area is larger. If cast on grass or dirt (other levels, or the paths/jungle), due to mud, when a champion is brought to the center, they're snared for one second.
Description: Noraver summons a whirlpool to disorient his enemies, and sometimes even his allies. This spell has a different effect depending on where it's cast.

Not quite sure.. I can't think of anything that would actually be useful, but it would be great if you guys could help figure something out.

Now for the boring stuff!

Appearance: Young adult. 19-20 years old. Long brown hair, and loose, not hardened leather armor. I'll leave the rest of the description for your imagination.

Playing As Noraver
Remember, your whirlpool only spins in one direction! Try to drag those auto-attack champions into the middle for a stun, as they fight your allies!
Chain Lightning prioritizes champions! Be sure to try and use it to harass those squishier carries during the lane phase.
Remember that your roots entangle the fastest champion. Catch those that use Ghost off-guard!
Playing Against Noraver
Try to remember to save your Flash spell if you have it. His Whirlpool can be a deadly trap against melee champions.
Sometimes, his Tidal Wave can save you. Know when to let it hit you, and when you'll be smashed into a wall.
If Noraver's stunned, it can cancel his Tidal Wave all together. With a long cooldown, make sure to "turn the tides".

Anyways, it's my first suggestion. I don't know that much about what ratios are great, health per level, or any of that stuff.
I know I used the word "similar" a lot, and some of you may feel he's very boring, or not very unique, but I felt the need to share. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Again, I just thought it was an interesting idea, and I felt like sharing.

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Anybody have any responses? D: