Premade Laning Comp. Set-up [Tank]

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I could not find a thread on this for the life of me.

I was wondering where the higher ELO teams prefer their tanks to lane. My premade has a tank that usually plays Cho and insists on mid-lane every game ( we have no junglers).

I do not find any logic in this other than having a resilliant champ in the middle to not give up ground vs. opposite teams carry.

But I still find it more logical to have your carry mid to push the tower and gank (specially a TF mid or someone that can escape middle undetected real fast).

Let's face it, a cho should not be getting a quick kill on any champ in the mid, and I know if a played a carry mid vs. cho or any other low dps tank I could widdle them down pretty fast early game specially with new TF or annie or ashe.

Any thoughts or experiences with your premades or even solo queues?