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[Discussion] Jungling optimization

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Have you ever watched the neutral monster's HP while you are jungling? Ever notice how sometimes your champ knocks the creep down to single or low double digit HP and then takes their sweet time finishing off the lil guy?

Well that's what this is about, a thread to discuss runepages and mastery builds tweaked to make a specific champ clear the jungle faster, jungle safer, and gank sooner.

there are a few sets of popular runes for jungling
1. Yellow flat armor. Undeniably important. Just get them, unless you're jax...
2. armor pen quints / reds. Everything has armor, lets do more damage with your auto attack!
3. attack speed quints / reds (sometimes even blues!). For those champs that have on hit effects or rely on high AS for skill procs like WW, Udyr, xin zhao. Increases your DPS of course...
4. the controversial AD runes (reds mainly). You don't get much damage per rune from these and a full set adds up to less than a longsword so you can forget about it influencing much lategame (while an armor pen set could still boost your damage by a decent % and an AS set may allow you to substitute an nicer item for an AS item you would have bought) But early game, these babies can do mindblowing things in the jungle. With the right setup, using AD runes with armor pen ones, you could cut at least 5 seconds off your jungle clear.

so lets get crunching (while I go do chores... will post more)