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LoL madness: Crazy-awesome things you/your team/the game did!

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I played a ridiculously long game, I think it ended at 83min (we won) and I was Malphite. My items were: Boots of Speed, and FIVE SUNFIRE CAPES. Every tower on the map was down except the inner two by the nexus for both teams. I stood in the middle lane by our front inhib, and guarded the base while the other four of my team attacked.

I personally killed every member of the enemy team 1v1 as all of them separately attempted to back door. I killed various duos several times. At one point my four team mates wiped and I faced four wounded enemies at once.

Killed. Them. All.

Well, the rest of my team was magic slanted, but their Rammus got jealous of me. He sold all his anti-magic gear, even Bainshee's, and set himself up in four sunfires and boots. I'm 99% certain we won completely because of that. Their tank was suddenly horribly geared, because he wanted to grow up and be like meeeeee. XD

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In a 60+ min. game, both teams had the two final towers near the nexus left standing.
I was playing evelynn and decided to try to sneak the two final towers.

Whilst I was running towards their base, the rest of my team got killed by their team of 5, charging straight for our nexus.

Now the funny thing is, just as they started bashing our two last towers, I started bashing theirs. At the same moment, new minions spawned, making me able to spam 'Hate Spike' every 0.48 seconds on a 700 AP evelynn with Lich Bane...

I had their nexus destroyed on my own, faster then they could bash ours with 5 persons ^^. They were still busy bashing the last tower, haha!

Sometimes I misclicked my frost wall on Anivia, not blocking out the enemy team, but blocking out a person from our team, who then gets swallowed by the other team, haha. That's funny and bad at the same time X-D

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Maugrim Faustus

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I remember one game I played early on in my illustrious 2 month career as a LoLlercoaster, where we had the early game advatange, but were slowly edged out by the better coordinated, and suddenly better equipped other team. We had dropped two inhibs, and both their nexus turrets, but couldn't manage to seal the deal as they aced us and began a push. We had a TF on our team, and while the four of us respawned, we tried holding the enemy team back, but TF vanished and the four of us were quickly overwhelmed. As I watched our nexus' health plummet, I cursed TF and found his icon on the minimap.

While we were defending and I was wondering where the **** our teammate got to, I sudden realized: he had gated behind their nexus without anyone seeing it and took it out 2 seconds before the enemy team would've won.

I'd buy him a drink if I knew who he was.

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Early in a game, I was playing Gangplank while my lane mate left to go help in mid. During this time, the two enemies in my lane (Tristana and Ryze) pushed the minions up to my tower and started to attack it. I clicked on Ryze to attack him just enough to chase him off, but immediately after i clicked my laptop lagged really badly. Everything froze up and was standing still. After about 30 seconds of staring at the same picture, everything came flooding back. I was standing in the middle of the river with red text across the screen saying that i had killed Ryze, and at the edge of my vision i could see Tristana running away with 1/3 of her health left.