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Vayne :\

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Minahs Day

Senior Member


Is it just me..or is it that Vayne doesn't carry as hard as others like Ashe...?

Check my match history...

3/7 game...the story behind that is long...

i was 3-3, 0-10 malzahar, 1/5 jax on my team, 11/0 jax on theirs, 10/2 kat...yeh...bought rings fed...it wasn't even 20 mins ingame yet with this scores lmao.

I get decent positive scores, and can't carry.

I also noticed I get shut down in team fights extremely fast, teams are so organized QQ...or it's just because I'm squishy. I'm buying GA's every game because I always get stuck in the position of focus.

Anyone else wanna share some tips, it's really bugging me how I can't carry my teams...