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id be curious to see from riot the stats on most used champs and percentage of games launched with a trynd....i seriously rarely ever go 2 games in a row without a trynd...its more like 6 games out of 10 have a trynd in one team or other....i think there is a reason....

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how many champs can aoe slow?
how many can flash every 8 secs?
how many can heal about half therir health?
and how many can 2 shot people?

Kass's E
Kass's R
Kass with a **** ton of hextech revolvers
Kass when fed or late game

There are so many champs that can do more burst then Trynd that can make Trynd cry (mind you, with a competent player). Veigar, for instance, can basically 2 shot most champs when fed or when it's late game. Is Veigar OP because he can do that? No, it's because he's farmed or fed. The simple solution is to CC and focus him down.

Point being that you can counter practically any champ with a bit of CC. If you don't have CC on your team, then you deserve to lose.

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Basically what I see is....if you got the right champ with some cc and keep all your summoner spells active and face a 1 v1 situation vs a trynd you may very well win. This is another learn2play nub post in disguise..blah blah blah.

No, it was not a "lrn2playscrub" post. It was a post of facts, and how hard Trynd really is to pull off properly, particularly in level 30 brackets.

It's funny how most high ELO players lulz at the sight of Trynd as a choice in a competitive matchup.

I wonder if there may be something behind that.

Oh and btw, there are tons of tanks who put Trynd to shame, most notably, Rammus.

You aren't the first scrubby player to come in here *****ing about Tryndamere, and it certainly won't be the last time higher level/elo summoners laugh at you/others for doing the same thing.

Trynd rocks nublets, and gets murdered by those with talent, regardless of champ.

Durp less please.