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[Guide] Nunu, A rock in a hard place!

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Vindico Atrum



Nunu, The Yeti Rider


Nunu is extremely versatile, thanks to a nice health gain, awesome AP scaling, a healing ability, and perma slow. You can tell already that he can do alot of things, but be master of none, or specialise a bit more. I'm going to talk about tanking as Nunu.


What makes Nunu a better tank than well, the real tanks?

As simple as it gets, the ability to threaten. Tanks need some way to attract damage and attention. Cho'Gath silences and slows, Sion stuns and stays alive forever, Alistar can AOE stun and isolate weaklings, Singed has a great passive, and an awesome initiator. Nunu has perma-slow, the ability to slow someone down forever (ofcourse limited by mana)



Runes wise, stack whatever you want, they make little difference. However, I find CD redux is paramount. You need it. As for masteries, again, take both the 9% redux and the 6% redux in cooldowns. You need that too. Other than that, health regen/5 is ok, along with mana regen/5. Armor/Magic resists are probably a waste of rune space.

For summoner spells, well, everyone has their own favourites. I can't live without teleport, and I usually take clairvoyance along with it. Nunu doesn't need escaping stuff, you can slow enemies and speed yourself up.


1- Early Game

Luckily for us, Nunu has a decent health growth. Ignore the recommended items and buy a regrowth pendant. You'll be staying in lane/s a long time, so you're gonna need it. The aim is simple. 1450 gold. Giants Belt + Boots 1. 1100 + 350. Now, this isn't as hard as it looks, providing you aren't overly aggresive.

Ideal Partners would be anyone who can deal alot of damage, fast. You provide the slow, they provide the damage. Ashe is brilliant, if you ever lane with a competant ashe you can expect the first 4/5 kills between you.

As for what to do, last hit whenever it means you don't take much damage. If ryze gets an auto-attack on you, for 3 last hits, its worth it. If he prisons and blasts for 1 auto-attack, no go. As you probably know, Nunu gets a free spell every 8 hits. NEVER use this for Ice Blast. The free spell is always Consume. You need to help that little pendant out. With the two of them, pendant for constant regen and consume, you should find it pretty easy to stay in lane. Blast anyone who comes to close with Ice Blast, and hope your partner harrases too.

Once you have the 1450, blue pill back to base, buy Giant's Belt and Boots 1. I usually click the warmogs item too, because that's the first goal. Get back to your lane asap(I teleport, do so if you took it) and farm out the 475 for the crystal. Should be easy as pie now, with more health and speed.

Once you hit level 6, you have insane killing potential. If you have some weaker champions in your lane, let them push forward, and then approach from behind. *Pretend* to go back to base or something. From behind, Blast then instantly Absolute Zero. The snares stack, they ain't escaping. Instant 700+ damage. Once the channel is over, instantly Blast again (cooldown will be up). Most weak champions die from that. Others, chase. If your lane mate attacks too you can take down anyone, and I mean anyone.

From now on, whenever your ult is up, make sure you have mana and go find a gank. I usually take top lane, so if another gank top is looking bad odds, I run down to mid, and get 90% success in killing there too. Let them push, approach from behind, Blast, Ult. Snares stack, they take full damage. Blast and chase. Again, if the laner attacks too, they shouldn't survive the ult.

Your aim is 1025 gold for Warmogs. Yep, before you even get better boots. Warmogs needs to be 'fed' creeps, so you need it early. Once you have the gold, blue pill, grab warmogs and head back. You should have anywhere between 2400 and 2800 health by now, which is plenty to keep you going through anything. Early warmogs is vital to this build. Feed that warmog's. Get to a lane, and last hit like crazy. Blast creeps to last hit, consume every cooldown. Warmogs caps at +400 health and +62.5 regen/5, plus its normal stats of +900(?) health and +30/5 regen, you become a monster of a Yeti.


2- Mid Game

Mid Game is usually when people start hitting 9/10/11 and groups starting pushing. Remember, you are the tank, so get in there, Blast someone, and Ult. The one you blasted will take full damage, the others may escape, may not. Either way, it creates chaos for your team to take advantage. You should never die. If you fed warmogs enough, you are looking at 3000 health, when most are around 1200-1500. I've been in situations where you see a Yi farming alone. Click him and he has 1100 health. Blast, hit, Blast, hit, Blast, hit. He dies so easy its unreal. At this stage, be with the team when they need you, but use your insane ganking potential now, before it wares out.

At level 11, take your ult again, and you'll have a 750dmg AoE bomb. Thats half a healthbar on basically everyone but tanks, and you have the health to stand and fight with pretty much everyone. By this time, Blast will be level 5, you will max consume very soon. Never take blood boil until consume/blast are maxed.

Again, keep feeding that warmogs, its vital you max it out. By now you should have the 1290 gold you need for phage, so go grab that. More health, damage, and the first stage of Mallet done. Sometimes I take the Giants belt first, rather than buying phage, depends if I'm agaisnt Yi or Jax(these two get very powerful, starting now).

Get back out there, push with your team. Once you have level 1 blood boil, it should be on permanently. Don't bother using it on anyone else, unless its someone who naturally has high attack/crit/speed. Its a boost, not a replacement. By now, your warmogs should be giving you insane regen, and you can be looking at 4k health adding everything up.

Now, you have a choice. Finish Mallet, or grab boots. I can't say what I do, its different all the time. Sometimes Belt first, sometimes boots, sometimes whole mallet. As for which boots, grab any you want. I always take boots 3, but sometimes I could see AP boots being useful.


3- Late Game

Ok, your ganking potential is alot lower now. Main goal is helping team mates. Perma blast the weakest, it can make them run away. Ult when you can catch as many as possible. Cooldown on ult is 77s for me, so I can blow it every team fight. Yours should be similar.

After Phage, you can usually get time for Atmas impaler, which helps alot. You find your auto attack doing naff all, so its certainly Ideal. There is times I've saved the whole 2405(right?) and bought it all in one go. Other times, not so lucky. DO whichever you want, but its an ideal item.

Main aim is disrupting the enemy, and pushing whenever you can. You have alot of health, and alot of regen, so don't be scared to tank a tower and creeps, and you can even tank weaker champions in there too. Blow the tower, and get out.

Rinse and repeat, and with competant teammates, you should be in their base. Boil your nearest melee carry and get those inhibs down. Its all one way from here, its a win.


As you can see, you rely on teammates alot. You don't have much AP, and therefore your blast doesn't hit for 600, and your ult doesnt do 2000 damage. But in the end, pushing > kills. Obvious;y, adapt to the situation. I have taken some AP rather than atmas in the past, and it worked ok. Really, you need to AP from the get go for that build.

Nunu really is a rock in a cold place.


If there is anything I should add, let me know. I don't want to do whole builds and what not, this is specifically about tanking as Nunu, and the way I find best to get there. Nunu is unique in that he has do everything, and pretty well at that, and I hope you love him as much as I do!