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Riot, please upscale certain champions visually along with your graphical enhancement

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I'm a big fan of companies who will continue on polishing their products well after its been distributed and sold. This is one of the indicators that a company truly loves its fans. As season 2 is imminent, we can expect new things such as graphical enhancements, new maps, more champs, replay system, etc... but another thing should be considered and "revised" and that is rescaling graphically some of the obvious champions that are in need of a "make over".

Female examples:

The first column (Sona, Janna, and Kayle) are examples of why they need revision and its blatantly obvious. The second column is what I deem medium or almost nigh perfect sizes for the champions (RIOT got these sizes correct). Usually the way I judge whether or not a champion is well fit is by looking at the size of their heads, bodies, and limbs (most notably the heads).
Personally, I would love to see these champions get an upscale in size to fit into the medium size category.
Imo, here are the obvious female champions that need fixing: Sona, Janna, Kayle, Morgana, Ashe, Sivir.

Male examples: (I included my own suggestion on how big they should be).

I'm sure most people have noticed that the two biggest offenders are Mordekaiser (lore stating he is 8 feet tall. Or how about WAS 8 feet tall?), and Zilean.
Once again, the middle column is the medium size (RIOT's own correct scale). First column is what they looked like in-game compared to the middle column which is pretty sad. The third column is what I think they should look like if given a rescale.
I was going to put Brand in there but the irony is that he is taller than the revised Mordekaiser I made.
These are the obvious male champs that need revising: Vlad, Mordekaiser, Zilean, Tryn, Yi

RIOT, please consider this suggestion as I know not just me but many want this as well. Hear your fans out! Thanks.

(I wasn't sure whether to post this thread in the general or champion feed back section but considering how many players are in this game, this thread might just be overlooked - so sorry if I make two topics.)