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@Riot and Shen

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greedy lobster

Senior Member


Why the continuous nerf? Shen already received a huge nerf to his ult before, and that wasn't enough?

He feels too weak now, farming wasn't the easiest with his single target abilities but as long as you could get a last hit on lane creeps all was well. That is if you could keep the enemy at bay/have them be cautious enough of your damage output to let you get away with a quick vorpal/last hit.

Every game I've been in people have been taking advantage of Shen's low damage output to harass him away from getting gold. I feel this nerf was unjust. I like balance, but not at the expense of making the heroes ability to farm in a lane near down trash.

tl:dr Shen's getting abused in lanes due to his non-existent damage output.

@Riot: Please balance him. And not in the "hey people are crying hard, better change some stuff around and make him garbage"

inb4 nonconstructive criticism