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[Champion Suggestion] Sakura the Demonic Kumiho

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By the way let me just say this is my first time posting in this forums and first time doing this kinds of things.

With that said let' start shall we?

Role: Support, Assassin.
Lore: Working on it if you guys really care ill update this latter with the lore.

Appearance: A red tail fox with more crimson red fur.
Attack: Melee, Claws

Passive: Flames of the Fox
As Sakura travels across the field of battle she leaves behind her small paw shaped flames that flicker and die after 3 seconds. When an enemy champion or minion walks over the flames they take 50(+0.25 per Ability Power) over 5 seconds.

Q: Claws of the Fox
When used Sakura claws will be engulfed in flames for a period of time granting her increased Attack Damage.
10/15/20/25/30 (+25% of Sakura AP+AS)

W: Wrath of the Fox
Upon activation Sakura will hover into the air giving the player 1.5 seconds to select a landing location for Sakura. Upon landing Sakura will surround herself with pillars of flames damaging all enemy units around her at that time. While in the air Sakura can still be damaged and targeted.
# of Pillars 4/5/6/7/8
Dmg of Pillars 55/66/77/88/99 (+0.66 per AP)

E: Spirit of the Fox
Passive: When ever Sakura dies she leaves behind a corpse (Limit to 2 at once)

Active 1: If 2 or more corpse are on the field Sakura will clear the battlefield of her corpses healing her and nearby allies for 150/175/200/250/275(+0.55 per AP) per corpse.

Active 2: If 0 or less corpse are on the field Sakura will clear the battlefield of her corpses and summon 2 spirits to aid her in her fights they will follow Sakura and attack any nearby units. The have Sakura stat line divided by 6/5/4/3/2. The spirits will also have their own weaker version of Flames of the Fox dealing 20/23/26/29/32 (0.10 per AP) during the course of 5 seconds to any enemy champion or minion that walks in it also lasting for 3 seconds.

Active 3: if 1 corpse is on the field of battle Sakura will clear the battlefield of her corpses, heal herself and nearby allies for 150/175/200/250/275(0.55 per AP) and summon 1 spirit to aid her in battle.

R: Disguise of the Fox
Sakura being a Kumiho will alter her physical appearance gaining a whole different stat line and skills. She will stay in her human form until she dies or Disguise of the Fox is recast. Upon activation of Disguise of the Fox all corpses will be removed from the battlefield.

Human Form Appearance: Sakura will take the looks of a 19~23 year old women with velvet red hair and scarlet red eyes, with deathly pale white skin. Wearing a black kimono however even in her human forms she still has her fox ears.
Attack: Mid Range, Scythe made out of claws, teeth and bones.

Passive: Trickery of the Fox
After 6 spell cast Sakura next attack will cause the targeted enemy to become allured for 2.5 seconds the enemy hit by Sakura will move towards her. (Think of Fear but instead of running away it's running toward)

Q: Wisdom of the Fox
Passive: Any allied champion near Sakura will gain bonus Mana Regen.
Active: Targeted champion will restore 25/50/100/150/200(+25% of target champion current mana) amount of mana as well as increasing targeted champion next spell damage by 10/20/30/40/50(+15% of Sakura current mana).

W: Seduction of the Fox
Sakura after years upon years of age has learned to seduce every living and non living being and taking the being ecstasy to heal her and her allies. If hit by Seduction of the Fox enemy champion will be stunned for 1 seconds as well as healing Sakura and nearby champions for 50/100/150/200/250 (+0.33 per AP)

E: Gift of the Fox
Sakura will shatter her scythe into many shards of teeth, bones and claws. Infusing the shards with magic Sakura will then send them flying around her in a large circle.
A enemy can only be hit by a shard once. Any enemy champion that were hit by the shards will take damage and have their move speed decreased and allies champion hit by a shard will gain bonus move speed and bonus health. However after casting this spell Sakura damage will be greatly reduced.

Damage dealt 50/55/60/65/70 (+1 per AP)
Move speed slowed/gained 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
Bonus health gained 200/225/250/270/300
Sakura Damage reduced: 90%/85%/80%/75%/70%

R: Disguise of the Fox
Sakura will revert back into her Fox form.

Well thanks for reading all of this.
First note English is not my first language it's my 3rd so sorry for any grammar related mistake I forgot to correct. Also please give some feedback like I said it's the first time I decided to post in these forums and my first time making a champion suggestions so balance and just general feedback would be really nice. I think that's it really I worked pretty hard thinking of all of this so any feedback is like I said greatly appreciated even negative feedback. Also sorry for including a stat line...I happen to be pretty bad at making balanced stat lines.

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Senior Member


So let me get this straight... you went into the future, saw this champ and came back to suggest it?
You can't do that Raiden, you'll cause a time paradox!

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Senior Member


I want to see how similar they are going to be...

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Senior Member


reminds me of nidalee in a way

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The Muscle Cop



lol at the first reply in 3 months after OP went to future