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Criptyc, the Puppet Master

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Passive: Legendary Strings; For every use of String Control, Criptyc gains one stack, which increases the range of String Control and increases the duration of Dead Strings, and the stacks can reach a max of 4.

Q Ability: String Control; Cryptic targets an enemy champion and forces all allied units, including turrets, to attack the enemy champ for 3 seconds.

W Ability: Dead Strings; Criptyc sends out his strings and stuns his opponent for 3 seconds and deals 75 magic damage.

E Ability: Quick Mastery; Criptyc increases his movement speed for 5 seconds and resets all of his cooldowns.

Ultimate: Tug of the Strings; Criptyc grabs all enemy champions in range with his strings and pulls them toward him, dealing 100 magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

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His ultimate is a bit typical but the rest of his abilities are great. Try to think of something with more of a puppetmaster theme, like controlling an enemy champion, or even a group of enemy minions. I can't really vote on whether he could be implemented or not until you put up some more information, like lore and description. Champions designed by the actual LoL team have been tanked because they didn't fit flavor-wise into the game, so that's important to know.