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Counter to vayne

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So I've been seeing all the complaints about vayne and how she does unstoppable damage that you cant counter!!!!!

Not true.

I'm runnin this, let's go

There are good counterpick champs to her, and there are two items that are absolutely devastating to her damage output. And I am not talking about CC, which absolutely destroys her as it does ashe or MF.

First of all, most vaynes build an attackspeed/proc build. Usually this means a bloodrazor, perhaps wits end or starks or sotd or something of that ilk. The key is she wants to attack as fast as possible to get her proc damage. This is because she has NO way to do damage other than her auto attack and one knockback on a 12 second cooldown.

How to reduce this? First of all, pick a champ like malphite or teemo who can shut down auto attackers. Malphite with full CDR can keep his debuff up nearly 100% of the time, making people like vayne useless, and teemo can of course trololol an autoattacker with impunity, as long as his team protects his squirrelly butt. If vayne cant get those rapid autoattacks out she is literally doing nothing, unlike ashe or MF who can ult or do AOE kiting spells.

A counter-item to vayne is actually two separate items. The first is RANDUIN'S OMEN (including warden's mail). If she attacks you she is guaranteed to proc the wardens mail proc, slowing her total AA speed by 35%. Furthermore you can use the active to reduce it all the more\

The second counter item is FROZEN HEART. Again, this flat out reduces her auto attack speed, which is the only thing she has got.

Both of these items are great for any hero because of the CDR and survivability they bring, and they specifically hurt vayne more than any other.

I'm on a boat so don't bother flaming

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