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Solo queueing still sucks.
I played Kayle with CV and flash, and at several moments when I would CV for mid when I had told her bot was mia, and revealed BOTH of them in her bush, only THEN would she choose to run FORWARD as though CV suddenly makes them immobile. On several occasions just barely saved someone with my ult and a heal when they were being ganked because they weren't paying attention to their map, by the end of the game, I'm the one who gets yelled at, by Ashe who has atma's and a warmog and has jumped in to last hit all of her kills.
I don't completely care if you aren't good, it happens, I hate it and would prefer if you stopped playing, but whatever. What I hate is when you suck and blame the people who are actually doing **** right to correct your cause of a bad situation. Hell first blood was got by me when Ashe was dumb enough to let xin zhao jump her, I slow xin, heal Ashe, dump some hits on xin and get the kill, Ashe still finds reason to complain at the end of the game when she has died 6+ times and I'm sitting 1/1/4.