Maokai Jungle - Any tips?

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Trees belong in the jungle xD

Anyways, I've been jungling with Maokai lately, wondering if anyone else has some success with this.

I start with cloth armor + 5 pots. Pick E, use skill once at fountain to build up passive, drop two saplings at blue golem (starting at 1:20) use one sapling to kill one wolf before blue golem spawns.

Then go to blue golem before it spawns, finish blue golem, then finish wolf camp, finish wraithes, small golems. Recall, lizard, gank.

0/21/9, Armor seals + HP or Armor quints is necesssary, everything else optional

Don't really know what to build him. Currently, I build 2 Heart of Golds, then a mana item because at this point I won't have blue golem all the time (Catalyst vs magic, Glacial Shroud vs physical), then just keep building vs. enemy damage, convert cloth armor to frozen heart or aegis.

Anyone use alternative jungle routes? Whats your item builds on Mao?