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DsO Clan looking to recruit for the off Season

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Khaos of Death



::TLDR NOTE:: Join the clan or I'll PUG stomp your ELO. Khaos of Death (ign) or sign up at http://www.dsoclan.com.

Dso Clan is a competitive, sponsored, gaming community. It originally broke off from Clan PMS as a Halo clan. Recently it has expanded into PC Gaming with League of Legends.

With the end of Season One the interest in the game has gone down quite a bit, however I see that as a good thing. This means time to test out and run all the insane, ridiculous, and seemingly impossible strategies with plenty of time to hone our skills for Season Two.

(This post is going to end up degrading into my ramblings.) I want to recruit a ton of players. I don't care if your Scuba Steve or Jesse Perry. I'm looking to turn this clan into an army, and train it. My ELO is ****, so I don't expect anyone who's 1500+ to take me seriously (even thought ELO and skill don't always go hand in hand).

We practice Sun-Thurs from 10pm-midnight Eastern Time. If you're interested in getting into competitive (read: profession/tourney) we require 4 practices a week. If you're looking to get into social play (read: amateur/for fun/have friends to play with because matchmaking is ****), we only require 2 (if even that).

If you can't make it you can just let someone know... we're not Nazis.

Also, there are perks for being in this clan, and being dedicated. I joined just a couple months ago and have just been sponsored to go to E3, and I'm 99% certain I'll be going to PAX Prime for free!

So, ranked, unranked, level freaking 1... I don't really care. Just add me in-game (Khaos of Death), or go sign up for the clan at http://www.dsoclan.com (another name for a lawyer is attorney).

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Senior Member


You shuold go check the forums man, Ive posted already and was a member there. Im waiting for someone to get back to me. Wicked gave me the vent info but i lost it yesterday.