Things that will make me like you in ranked.

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1. You can jungle.

If I firstpick Zilean and you pick a jungler, you are pretty cool. In other words, if you don't force me to firstpick jungler, I think good thoughts of you.

2. You can play more than one kind of champion.

Let's say we have Vlad, Nasus, Warwick and Zilean. Vlad and Nasus wants to solo, WW's going to jungle and Zilean will go bottom lane. If you don't pick another solo lane champion then I might consider adding you on Facebook but never really talk to you or anything.

3. You won't start demoralizing/whining/flaming in the champion selection.

There's nothing that makes me want to dodge a game more than people fighting with each other before the game has even began. It doesn't mean you lose if your teamcaptain doesn't firstpick Shen or Amumu. Don't force your captain to firstpick Shen if they don't know how to play him. A skilled Cho'Gath for example is a way better tank than first time Shen. If you want captain to trade Shen for you then it's alright tell him to pick Shen. If you are one of those who will not fight in the champion selection screen, I might think of you as a friend, or at least something close to a friend.

4. You don't search for a teammate to blame for all your mistakes.

Pretty self-explanatory.

If you follow all these steps, we can hang out together sometime (if you come to Finland) and do something cool like play videogames or stuff.

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LCS Dyrus



I know it's sad and all, but most people don't care whether you like them or not. Most people (like me) are only out to win.

However, I do know the feeling. I shouldn't have to play jungle kennen (it works, btw) just because everyone wanted to play a melee carry/assassin/tank. Most people who need to see this don't look at the forums though. Or they'll say "QQ MOAR NUB I TAEK PANTHEON EVEN THOUGH OUR TEAM IS GAREN/NASUS/ALISTAR/MUNDO"