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Jungle Udyr

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So, udyr. I got 9 Armpen marks, 3 dodge yellows, rest armor, blues are CDR per level.

Was thinking of replacing the CDR with attack speed, mostly for when I also play jungle nocturne. but, other then that, what are the best items?

I normally build tankyish, with merc treads, wriggles and stuff like Aegis, randuins, before getting more attacky stuff near end game. If any one has any suggestions/advice, that would be helpful.

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LCS Dyrus



Try resist glyphs. They'll keep you alive a lot longer when fighting enemy champs. It's really great to have 50% damage reduction against magic attacks with nothing but mercury treads and a chalice.

Aegis is not an udyr item. That item is for supporty tanks like Taric, not for a wild animal like you. Invest in things that will let you maul anyone you hate with impunity, not team support. They're not as cool as you, cuz they're not a bear. Let them get their own aegis.

You otherwise have a pretty good tanky udyr build down. Randuin's, GA, Sunfire, thorns, and frozen heart are all good armor items, while Force of Nature, Banshee Veil, Hexdrinker, wit's end, and the like are good for resist. If you wanted late game damage, then a Bloodrazor or triforce would help you a lot. Frozen mallet's also a good one.

One of the best guide's I've seen for a good tanky deepz udyr.
http://leaguedb.com/builds/180-syans-jungling-udyr- (http://leaguedb.com/builds/180-syans-jungling-udyr-)