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Rune picks for a normal noob

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It seems with the last month and half i'm not that interested in new champs anymore. So now I have 12000 ip+ (growing for this post) saved up so which runes should I invest in.

I've been playing way to much 3v3 almost 300/500 wins are on that map alone and I want to play more 5v5 (for magma chambers if willing any time soon)

Right now I have really bad runes that I bought back in the 10-20s. Talking like mostly tier 1-2/most of the holiday quints/ and they make no sense for any play style

For my play style I like almost all of the no mana heroes like shen, kennen, akali, rumble, mundo, renekton, katarina, mordekaiser

I also like to play (lux - fav hero ever) nunu, rammus. swain, tristana, ryze, jarvan, gragas

So really i'm asking for a 3 rune page set up for my play style (AP/Tank/AD)

Thank you so much so helping me with this post

edit: IP cost is not an issue because I want a 3 page setup

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Marks: ArPen and MPen.
Seals: MP Regen/5 per level, Flat Armor, Dodge.
Glyphs: CDR, MR/level.
Quints: Almost anything really.

Those are pretty standard, just mix and match the runes to make your own rune pages. Mainly 'cause it's, well, your own personal preferences.

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he's right about the runes, they're the best for their categories. However, I'd add AP per lvl for glyphs, and flat AD reds for akali if you like to use her.

Most popular quints, though, are:

1. Flat HP - standard runes, gives 78 hp at lvl1, not great but not bad. works for all characters.
2. Flat HP regen - gives more sustainability as compared to survivibility from flat HP, not a bad choice either.
3. ArPen - confident physical DDs who can do without flat HP survivibility, recommended.
4. Movespeed - gives an edge in chasing, mostly used on champs like garen or singed
5. MPen - same as ArPen but for magic DDs

Flat AP - mixed with ap per lvl blues, you get your force passive by lvl2 without items
Gold - non-farming babysitting supports
Crit Chance - if you going for full crit page
CDR - if your blues are not enough for you

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So I'm also curious for my play style. I have a pretty lame W/L just over 50% partially because I'm not great, and also from playing with friends at higher levels when I was in my 10s-20s. I main Lux, but sometimes play Janna, Karthus, and WW jungle (not very good at jungling)

I'm going to try Garen this week (since he's free). and sometimes AD ranged champs.

I have a complete except for unlocking one blue slot and 1 quint AP caster rune built.
MP reds
MR/level yellows
CDR blues
Health quints.

I have 9 AP runes but not sure witch yellows and blues to get.