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Let me tell you how to Ashe

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Clarity only works well if you're side laning with another hero that needs mana, not solo mid. Helps you spam and if he's going utility, he would've gotten the skill that gives equal mana anyways.

Atk pen > crit dmg up till around the time the enemy has around 150+ armor (reducing it to 130 from 150 is not much, due to diminishing returns on armor, compared to a 20% boost from crit runes and that's just for marks), but you shouldn't target them first anyways.

The mastery tree usually defines the style of play. Utility means support/mage. Offense means dps carry, defense = tanking. Obviously the line isn't clearly defined, but going 22 utility on ashe definitely makes a support arrower/harrasser as opposed to a late game carry which contradicts all those useless crit runes piling up if he's not taking lethality in the first place.

My impressions of the guides section is mostly noobs posting bad builds + outdated guides anyways, so I guess this fits, lol.

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Let's evaluate those words.
1st - You ended up with Infinity and Phantom by the time the game ended. Ok.
2nd - Your playstyle suites longer games where you actually have TIME and MONEY to buy defensive items before offensive.

Of course the outcome is different if you rush offense... You kill more and are easier to kill. What if the game was really short? Have you even tried Ashe in Twisted Treeline? Try to get a philo/chalice/banshee and see me own you with zerker+bfsword+zeal.

Dearest Ifred,

I certainly appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post to someone else. I have around 130 games played with Ashe, 89 of them being wins. That would put be in the somewhere around 70% win ratio when playing ashe, and my account is around +75 wins.

Since I go for that build when I solo mid here is the problem with your strategy as mid you tend to get paired against other carrys.

I get regen items for a reason, as I will constantly harrass you the entire time I am in the middle, I have will have standing at your tower, while I am behind your creeps denying you XP and creep kills.


Because while your busy saving 1850g I am shooting you the entire time, I never attack creeps, I rarely attack creeps, I may volley them as long as it hits you, and then I will go attack you, and then regen the damage I took from you, and attack you again.

So I may end up getting the BF sword close too if not shortly after you do, plus be up the regen. The way that I play forces the game to last longer, because if you deny their carry gold and levels, the game is automatically lengthed. Now as Trrz stated the way that I play does work, certainly best when I am playing with my premade which I was not in the game that he commented and you took the liberty of responding too.

Also note that he said we were winning in the start, I was also destorying their Tristana mid, sadly one person cannot make up an entire, otherwise teams would not have 5 people. As such one of our lanes died a lot and lost their tower. It took their tristana the entire rest of the game to manage to get 1 dps item because I starved her so badly. By the time she had "i think it was a black cleaver" I already had an IE and most of a PD.

You also suggest to get greed in your utility tree...are you daft? Thats 10g a minute...meaning 100g in 10 minutes. Thats what 4-5 creeps? Why I would rather drop that extra point in either ress time reduction or into increasing the duration of red/blue buffs. It would be a much more effect use of the point that putting in greed.