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[Story] Annie and Friends

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gotta keep this bumped :/

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gotta keep this bumped :/

don't worry, i will start something new this weekend after all the thanksgiving stuff my family does

i am excited about my next idea(that nobody asked for(but the one after that totally will be(i promise)))

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itt annie and someone no one ever expected

"Listen, kid." Scaly hands clapped on Annie's shoulders. "You gotta believe me. It was Nasus."

Annie's bear was missing. During a routine visit to the Institute of War, she had told her bear to stay very still while she went to use the bathroom. When she returned, he was gone. Annie was now questioning the only other person in the room at the time.

"I mean," Renekton gave a toothy grin, "what would someone as awesome as me want with your dumb bear?"

"He's not dumb!" Annie shouted as her eyes welled up with tears. "He's my friend!"

Renekton grumbled. "Look, don't cry, kid. Your bestest pal Renekton will help you find him!"

"But you're the one who took him!" Annie protested.

"I'm not!" Renekton retorted. "It was TOTALLY Nasus!"

"Why would Mister Nasus want Tibbers?" Annie stomped her foot.

Renekton paused for a moment. "Because he's a dumb jerk?" Without waiting for her to respond, Renekton strutted off down one of the halls, his tail waving back and forth behind him. Annie figured that Renekton was her best chance of finding Tibbers, and followed.

Some summoners saw the pair approaching and darted down another hall. Renekton snickered like a jackal (but not too similarly because they are dirty dogs and also not remotely amphibian). "Heh! Look at them run!" He flexed his arms. "Must be because I'm so built. They can't handle my expertly chiseled physique."

Annie sighed. How dearly she wanted this to be over.

"My girlfriend Ahri loves my muscles." He continued. "She's totally hot. Did you know we were dating?"

"No." Annie responded flatly.

"Well, yeah, we are. Don't tell anyone though, she's sort of embarrassed about it." Renekton paused for a moment. A too brief moment that Annie dearly cherished. "Like, real embarrassed. If you ask her, she'll probably pretend to not know about it and act like she's offended!" Renekton laughed to himself.

Annie suddenly felt bad for Miss Ahri.

"I don't know why she acts like that, though!" Renekton prattled on. "I mean, all the babes totally dig me."

"I'm sure." Annie sighed.

"I mean, I feel bad for you, kid." Renekton smirked, his ego was beginning to literally manifest around himself. "Maybe I'd pay you some more mind if you weren't, like, five."

"I'm nine." Annie corrected.

"Whatever." Renekton turned down another hall. Annie wondered why Renekton was taking such a long route to Mister Nasus's room. She concluded it had something to do with him frequently checking the sun dial on his wrist. "You're still a kid. But, don't worry, in like, ten years or so, it'll totally be cool."

Annie felt a sense of repulsion that she had never experienced before. She found herself slightly intrigued by the new feeling and mostly like vomiting.

A door swung open in front of them. A blue skinned mage stepped out and came face to face with the pair. He took a moment to observe them(Annie gave her best "save me please" look) before stepping back into the room and closing the door. A distinct click filled the empty hall.

Annie rushed forward and began pounding her small fists against the door. "Nooo!" She yelled. "Mr. Ryze! Come back! Please!"

Renekton grabbed her by the back of her collar and began dragging her away. "No distractions, kid, we gotta go."

"Mr. Ryze!" Annie cried out, crocodile tears pouring from her eyes. "You're such a jeeerrrkkkk!"

"You know who's a jerk?" Words continued to gush forth from Renektons toothy grin, spilling over Annie like a thick sludge. "Nasus."

Annie cried out for Mr. Ryze one last time.

"I mean, he's a dog. Do you know any dogs who AREN'T jerks?" Renekton barely paused for Annie's answer. "I sure don't. Now, crocodiles on the other hand..."

Annie racked her memory for a silence spell. Or, better, a deafness spell.

"Hey, have I told you about that time I saved a village of naked crocodile babes?"

The spell finally came to memory. She raised her arms high and clapped her palms together. The spell assaulted her senses and her ears filled with an intense ringing. Oh little ringing noise, she thought, you are my greatest ally.

Annie watched the scenery as Renekton dragged her through the halls. Occasionally he would look down at her(his jaw never ceasing to move), and she would nod in return(each time giving praise to the ringing in her ears) and go back to watching all the pretty vases go by.

Eventually, her heels came to a stop and she was roughly dropped on her behind. She tapped her ears with the tips of her pointer fingers and her hearing returned. The door in front of them had "NASUS" expertly carved into the nameplate.

"Heh." Renekton scoffed. "Looks like it was carved by a third grader. With one arm." He pushed open the door. "...a broken arm."

Annie followed Renekton into Mr. Nasus's room. It was surprisingly similar to Mr. Ryze's room--filled to the brim with tomes and strange artifacts. Annie began poking around looking for Tibbers, wondering where Renekton had hid him. She looked over the bookshelves and Mister Nasus's desk, behind the couch and under a pile of relics.

"Hey, uh, maybe he's in that chest there!" Renekton pointed at a chest in the corner of the room. Annie raised an eyebrow but opened the chest and peered inside anyway.

"Hey look!" Rekenton called out again. Annie pulled her head out of the chest and turned around. Tibbers was on the shelf next to Renekton. Her poor stuffed bear was blindfolded with a handkerchief wrapped around his mouth. Renekton grabbed the bear and handed it down to Annie.

Annie began untying the knots of the cloth wrapped around her bear.

"Man," Renekton started. "Doesn't this just burn you up?" He smiled again. "I mean, that big meanie jerk Nasus took your bear!"

Annie removed the blindfold and began working on the handkerchief.

Renekton smiled again. "Heh. Guess you better set all of Nasus's things on fire, huh? That'll show him!"

Annie pulled the handkerchief from Tibber's mouth. He pointedly informed her that he spent the past hour pressed firmly against scaly lizard thigh.

Annie turned on her heel, jumped as high as she could and punched Renekton in the face.

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Very...unique pairing. Keep up the good work there. Love to see more Annie!

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Wow, I just have this image of a nine-year-old girl jumping up and Falcon-punching a giant lizard in the face, and I can't get it out of my head. Great job! I feel like this series is a great example of good writing. Keep up the good work!

Also, since everyone else is putting requests... Annie and Education? I mean, the younger champions of the League (which, admittedly, is just Annie) may need to go to school. Annie is what, a 3rd grader, or something? Maybe her getting education in history, math, science, etc... possibly even from a fellow champion, like Ryze, or from a Summoner. Just a thought.

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S Blackbird

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Bump. <3

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I don't want to be mean-

But seriously moar. I love how you portray all of the champs.

Moar. Nao.

Give us some Kassadin.

Hell Cho Gath would be funny.

Please its just soooo good. SOOOOO goood.

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Annie, Brand, and lots of fire

nuf said

By the way you are brilliant when it comes to writing about Annie

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anon hate