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Atmosfear's Comprehensive Guide to Warwick

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This guide is meant for those who are avid fans of Warwick or simply wish to pick up a new hero that provides excellent damage and utility to their team. I have played Warwick since I entered the beta 2 months ago and since then I have learned quite a bit playing our blue-furred friend. I will go through some strategies on how to jungle, laning, runes/masteries, and item builds.

Base HP: 428
HP/Level: 106
Base Armor: 16
Armor/Level: 4
Magic Resistance: 30
MR/Level: 1.25
Base Dmg: 54.6
Dmg/Level: 3.375
Base Crit: 2.6
Crit/Level: 0.4
Base Mana: 170
Mana/Level: 30

Champion Strengths: High HP (though not quite a tank), high damage, life leech, fast movement speed
Champion Weaknesses: Prone to focus fire, snares, and stuns. Lack of escape options outside of Flash/Cleanse.

Hungering Strike (mana cost: 100 [all levels], 12 sec CD) - A targeted, short-range spell that deals damage to a target and returns 100% of damage dealt as health to Warwick. To Champions, it will deal 8/11/14/17/20% of their health in magic damage. To minions, it will deal 75/125/175/225/275(+X AP) flat damage.

Hunter's Call (mana cost: 35 [all levels], 30 sec CD): Improves all allied champions' attack speed by 25% and Warwick's attack speed by 50%. Lasts 6/9/12/15/18 seconds. Allies receive your buff regardless of distance so feel free to use this if you are not present at a fight to help your allies.

Blood Scent (no mana cost): Warwick's movement speed is increased by 20/25/30/35/40% if there is an enemy Champion below 50% within 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700 distance.

Infinite Duress (mana cost: 150 [all levels], 180 sec CD): Warwick leaps onto an enemy champion, striking them 6 times for for 33% of his attack damage plus 30/50/70.

Eternal Thirst (Passive): Warwick steals health from each of his consecutive attacks for 6/11/16 stacking 4 times. The amount of HP leeched is fixed.

Recommended Summoner Masteries: 9/0/21 or 8/0/22

*Notable masteries to get: Improved Smite, Improved Clairvoyance, Improved Ghost, CD reduction talents, Utility (for longer creep buffs)

I find this build to be the best for universal play. Although I use Warwick frequently, I do use other champions! This build is good for virtually any champion since it does not cater to any specific role but is well-rounded for any sort of situation.

Recommended Runes:

For Warwick I recommend the following:
Red (Marks): of Furor [crit dmg]
Yellow (Seals): of Furor [crit dmg]
Blue (Glyphs): of Celerity [CD reduction]
Quintessence: of Wisdom or Furor x2, of Celerity x1

To do the most damage to any target as a melee champion you will need to crit. With these runes you will crit anywhere from 33 to 44% more damage when you land one. Cooldown runes are effective as well since if combined with the Golem buff, you will be able to use Hungering Strike every 6-7 seconds and Hunter’s Call every 18-19 seconds. The Wisdom runes (+2% XP) are newly introduced and certainly a welcomed addition especially for characters that jungle since it helps you keep up in levels with your teammates laning.

This is my personal preference. As an alternative you could use Crit runes as well though I still highly recommend the CD reduction runes for your blue slots.

Recommended Summoner Skills:

1) Rally: Effective for jungling the first golem or lizard pack. Useful still in the late game as it provides you and your group with a buff to their physical damage. Drop one right before your use your Ult for a boost to your damage.
2) Exhaust: Probably one of the best summoner skills for getting kills. Applies a 40% slow and a blind that causes 100% of enemy attacks to miss for 3 seconds. Use this for your early kills. Speccing into Cripple in the offensive masteries will also debuff the target with reduces armor and magic resistance giving you additional damage.

Recommended Items:

Madred’s Razor (15% to proc 500 dmg)
Berserker Boots (Haste and movement speed)
Blackcleaver (Dmg and armor debuff)
Avarice Blade (+12% Crit)
Cloak of Agility (+18% Crit)
Zeal (Crit, haste, movement)
Phage/Frozen Mallet (HP, damage, slow proc)
Wit’s End (Haste , spell resist, mana-burn damage proc)

Recommended Ability Guide:

1) Q – Hungering Strike
2) W – Hunter’s Call
3) Q – Hungering Strike
4) W – Hunter’s Call
5) E – Blood Scent
6) R – Infinite Duress
7) Q – Hungering Strike
8) W – Hunter’s Call
9) Q – Hungering Strike
10) W – Hunter’s Call
11) R – Infinite Duress
12) Q – Hungering Strike
13) W – Hunter’s Call
14) E – Blood Scent
15) E – Blood Scent
16) R – Infinite Duress
17) E – Blood Scent
18) E – Blood Scent

How to Play:

Firstly, Warwick excels as a solo hunter. He has excellent chasing ability thanks to Blood Scent and is quite potent with the right items. I will go over both jungling strategies as well as how to lane regularly.


1) Depending on whether or not you are playing with friends, you will need to choose your summoner skills wisely for jungling. If playing with friends, pick Smite plus Flash or Clairvoyance. If solo queuing, pick Smite and Rally.

2) Buy a Cloth Armor and a health potion (optional). Proceed to the Golem camp and if you have Clairvoyance, drop one by the river entrance to the Golem camp to spot anyone coming for you while you creep. If you are playing with friends, ask a buddy to help you hit the Golem a few times before they rejoin their lane. This will save you several hundred HP so you have enough to do the Lizard camp next. The golem buff is invaluable in allowing you to use your skills more often since Warwick has a small mana pool to start.

3) Clear as many creep camps until you reach 700 gold. Recall back to town and purchase your Madred’s Razor. This item essentially has a 15% chance on hit to proc a smite for 500 damage + your normal attack. Continue creeping until you reach level 6. Recall back to town and purchase a Vampiric Scepter (and boots if you have enough) and proceed to the Dragon. You should kill the Dragon every time it is up.

4) Once the Dragon is dead, this would be the time when you begin assisting your teammates with ganks. Since you were jungling, your team had the benefit of two solo lanes which means at least two of your teammates are 6 or higher. When ganking, the best method is to approach from the side or behind, use Hunter’s Call and pounce your targets with your ultimate.

5) When you have enough gold, upgrade your boots if you haven’t and buy your B.F. Blade. Continue laning/creeping until you have enough gold to buy your Blackcleaver. Blackcleaver puts a stacking debuff on the target that reduces their armor by 12 per stack up to 5 stacks. This debuff applies to all teammates that attack the target and the target armor can be reduces below zero, thus taking additional bonus damage from attacks.

6) From here, the next items on your list should be Avarice Blade, Phage and Wit’s End. Avarice Blade will provide you with a nice boost to crit and Phage will provide you with some survivability and give your melee attacks a chance to proc a snare. Wit’s End is useful in that it provides you with a significant boost to haste, magic resistance, and your attacks burn 42 mana per hit and deal damage equal to the mana burned.


Laning is not very difficult for Warwick. With his passive life steal, he is not as prone to harassment as he can easily regain his HP. This is made even easier if you purchase a Vampiric Scepter at the start. Remember that your Hungering Strike will also leech 100% of damage done as health so make use of this if you happen to lose some health. Your enemies would be wise to keep their distance from you especially once you hit 6 since your ultimate could spell their demise especially with teammate support. Warwick also does considerably high damage so last hitting should be fairly simple for easy income.


I would like to thank TiberiusAudley for his original Jungling King guide for Warwick. The guide inspired me even more to play the character and I hope this guide has sparked your interest in trying Warwick. He certainly is one of the most interesting champions style-wise. Comments and feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for reading!

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Junior Member


I approve of this guide good sir!

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Junior Member


very good guide.
Could we please get a guide for
strategies to counter warwick??

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very good guide.
Could we please get a guide for
strategies to counter warwick??

You can refer to http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3638 for a guide on how to counter Warwick, though I can tell you that the counter is the same for any melee champion to be perfectly honest.

Snares, stuns, magic will render just about any melee hero useless if trained on.

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Will phage slow procs when warwick uses ulti?

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Will phage slow procs when warwick uses ulti?

Item procs (on hit) do in fact proc off Warwick's ulti. I've tested this with Wit's End and to my surprise, it burned 42 mana for each of the 6 hits that he does during the animation. Free 242 damage on the target's HP and MP is not too shabby considering the cost and benefits.

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I've been playing Warwick a LOT lately. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. I never pick up smite nor madred's razor. Exhaust/rally is the way I go. Also I stack Crit chance runes in red/blue and hp/lvl in yellow with crit chance quints and at level 1 I have 24% crit. Honestly, you don't need smite to jungle effectively. I can easily keep up with the solo lanes in xp without smite or madred's.

To start off I go vamp scepter, save up for berserker's greaves, then go straight for the blood thirster. Rally takes care of any problems I may have with the lizard. My jungle route is Golem/Wolves near Golem Elder then Golem/Wolves near Lizard Elder. Depending on the spawns, golems give much much more experience, I'm level 3 by the time I get to the lizard elder. I kill him, then kill the spirits, then golem elder and pop out of the jungle for an early game gank depending on which lane needs it. If I see no oppurtunity to kill a lane, or my teammates are putting enough pressure to where I have no need to, I take this time to go kill the dragon.

Aside from the razor your item build is exactly what I go for. Usually have Berserker's Greaves and Blood Thirster by the 15 minute mark. Awesome guide, just wanted to give a perspective that you DO NOT need smite/razor unless you're planning on soloing nashor. Plus I like having useful summoner abilities mid-late game, which smite is not useful for anything but jungling.

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On countering jungle Warwick: when you spot him on the other team with smite as a skill it will be obvious he's at the Golem camp. Grab 2 team mates an gank him there. Make sure you have some stuns or slows to kill him, but even if you only manage to send him back to the base and kill the golem you have already screwed up his jungling.