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Xin Zhao Help!

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I never even thought of SotD, but what of SotO? Is it just too risky? And for jungling I use stonewalls's version and get Vampiric Scepter as my starting item. I start at golems, then go to wraith, wolfs, blue, shop, golems (level 4), red, wraiths, wolfs (level 5 - 5:05) then proceed to gank if any lane is open and if not then I continue jungling to hit level 6.

For masteries I use 21/0/9 I am eager to try the 0/21/9 and start at wolfs then blue camp, which is more optimal do you guys think?

For items like I said I start with Vampiric Scepter and then after that I go brutalizer, then boots (usually merc treads for the additional ms) then I finish off ghostblade. After ghostblade I get wriggles, however I am wondering if I should sell my Vampiric Scepter and start build say SotD/starks?

I will try different builds to see which one is the best, also what do you guys think of using smite asap on a creep? I know we should wait to use it to finish off so less chance of it being stolen, but at level 1, when you know where all 5 are, shouldn't you use smite asap so it comes off CD faster?

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^ That's my build. There are 4 builds under there, but they are mainly situational modifications of one core build. Xin is an off-tank and thus should be played that way. Yes he is a great jungler (but not the fastest/best) and the 2nd of my 4 builds is aimed at junglers, I have included the two routes I use for jungle Xin there too.