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Question About Attack Speed

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GoSu sAviOr

Senior Member


Hey guys,

I was just wondering if attack speed influences the initial delay in attacking when you select a target for the first time.

In other words does it speed up your initial animation? If so this would makes creeps easier to last hit, right?

I've attempted to test this in game using attack speed runes, but I haven't found much of a difference. I'm not sure if that's because their is no difference, or maybe I'm just not noticing it?

I'm asking because I'm trying to assemble the most optimal rune page for ranged AD carries. Right now I'm using all ArP reds/quints, HP/lvl yellows, and MR/lvl blues. I would only consider changing some of those to AS if they help with last hitting, but it doesn't seem like they do.

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If your focusing on last hitting you don't really need that much attack speed you just need to learn how to do it better along with realizing how much damage you can put out against a minion. For ranged ad carries I think either mana/lvl seals or flat armor seals would work better than health seals. If you want attack speed seals then go for it but as for last hitting you just need to practice doing it a little more and you will get the hang of it

EDIT: it will increase attack animation but I think you just need to practice a little more