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[Vote] Nocturne VS. Shaco

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A Retarded Clown

Senior Member


Against better teams; Shaco > Eve and twitch as Shaco's stealth is instant and comes with a flash; so it still works when enemy have wards/oracles.

Shaco cannot out dps nocturne when nocturne is equally/a bit less fed. However, shaco can set up box traps for map-awareness and mass box traps.

he can easily kill noct 1 v 1 by evading him completely however

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Franco Shade



I have no idea how to use Shaco besides waiting about 10 seconds into a teamfight, then coming in from behind. Is this how to play him? (I know this if off-topic but I main Nocturne and Shaco seemed interesting but I utterly suck with him until that one game I used that strategy.)

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pramit the great

Senior Member


i fear nocture more than shaco

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Junior Member


Nocturne is better in big team fights... but when thats said i think Shaco has one of the best ganks as of right now! and he is one of the best at escaping team fights.

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Senior Member


I used to play nocturne, but i refunded him. Wasn't my play style.
I am actually considering Shaco atm.
You cant REALLY compare the 2 as they have different roles...

But I will say this.
LoL is a team game, and it HAS to come down to more than just one OP char raping and pillaging every character.
You need to be useful to your team, and I find that Shaco has more of a team usefulness which helps the whole team have an advantage at winning the fight,

-Whether it be your boxes acting as wards so you can gank their solo's.
-Your boxes acting as a teleport point.
-Your slows.
-The fact you make it so much harder to feed the enemy with your escape.
-Fact that you can gank so much easier early game.
-Fact you can solo dragon at level 6
-fact you can quickly steal their blue buff @ 7 mins
-Fact you can create more disruption in a team fight with your clone and boxes..

shaco has more team utility, with some potential dmg to back it up.

Nocturne has more self-sufficient things like a shield and a decent ulti-gank, and his fear doesnt ALWAYS work..

SO i think, being a team game shaco is the better of the two for the TEAM...

but you may just wanna be a me me me player..who knows

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Senior Member


I think Shaco has more potential than Noc, and has more utility for the team.

- Shaco can get double buff really fast due to his boxes and reach lv3 and proceed to gank when everyone else is lv1or 2. Nocturne can't do this.

- Shaco has the most dangerous ganks early game due to his blink+stealth+passive slow. In most games a lv3 gank will guarantee the first blood to your team. Since the enemy doesn't notice you are there until you hit him from behind. At this point it's too late for them.
Nocturne's ganks are easier to dodge, they see you, they run.

- Shaco can gank even if the bushes are warded without being noticed. Because that sneaky ******* has a 3 sec. stealth to use against warded bushes, and he can jump trought walls. So basically, he can gank from everywhere.

- Both of them has great chasing abilities to prevent an enemy from escape.
For Nocturne is Paranoia+Duskbringer (+Ms+Ad)
For Shaco is Deceive+Shiv (passive/active slow)

-Both of them as a Fear ability. But:
Nocturne can fear only 1 target
Shaco's JiTB is an AoE Fear + 90 sec ward. This is more usefull for the team.

-Nocturne causes Paranoia everytime he uses his ultimate.
Shaco causes Paranoia the entire laning phase. And sometimes, the entire game.
Beware of the homicidal clown, he's everywhere!

- Shaco is more fragile than Nocturne late game. If they catch you, you will literally die in 2 sec.

- Shaco can turn a 5v5 teamfight into a 6v5. The clone deals 75% of shaco's damage + Aoe damage when explodes + a human shield

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Senior Member


Shaco can do dragon without fear at level 6 even if no one has died. And he can escape if he gets caught.

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Senior Member


I play Nocturne relatively well. But, even though he's dificult to master, he's only got a couple of ways to do things:

1) Use ultimate to initiate from a distance and freak out other team
2) Use Duskbringer on a large crowd and chase down whoever's slowest and least healthy with Nightmares
3) Use ultimate to pick off runners (This is what I do) and use the AS bonus from his shield to tear apart their caster. (He really is anti-caster thanks to that)
4) Feed.

That's about all you can do. Shaco is a bit more infinite, and far harder to master.

But, I still fear a Nocturne more than a Shaco, because simply put, Shaco is more fragile, and I can still easily guess which one is fake. Hint: It's the one that moves slightly behind. (They should fix that. Maybe make it so that you can make the dummy go first a bit easier, without having to spam.)

Nocturne has AoE, healing, a spell shield, attack speed, a fear, just about one of the best chase abilities, and another one of the best chaser abilities. And, you can't forget his huge dash.