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[Guide] For the new Gangplank, How to Pubstomp and More.

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Out with the old in with the new. First off I've had great success with this build as it takes advantage of Gangplanks largest buff, his new Raise Morale. It is still very similar to CritPlank yet the emphasis is on Speed and split pushing (Which he is extremely good at now).



Parrrley - Gankplank takes aim and shoots an enemy unit with his pistol. If he kills it, he gains extra gold.

To be honest I don't think this was nerfed that much. The lower cooldown means Ionian boots are not as cost effective, opening up new opportunities.

Remove Scurvy - Consumes a large quantity of citrus fruit which clears any crowd control effects on him and heals him.

This is what makes Gangplank such a great pusher. Combining this with both his Movespeed and Ultimate makes you extremely hard to gank.

Raise Morale - Inspiring himself and nearby allied champions to receive increased attack damage and movement speed. Additionally, Gangplank's attack damage and movement speed is passively increased.

It's much more reliable now and the active gives you a significant buff. The 30% Movespeed and rank 5 is great for escaping ganks and scooting around the map. The AD bonus allows you and your team to melt towers.

Cannon Barrage - Gangplank signals his ship to fire upon an area for 10 seconds. Each cannonball deals damage and slows enemy units.

This skill is not only used for Teamfights now. Due to it's lower Cooldown it is perfectly fine to defend waves with it, escape ganks or even secure ganks.




You should max Q first followed by E with 1 point in W at level 2. Maxing your E before W gives you that nice Movespeed bonus before you actually have the items for it, Also W just got a massive buff to its early game cooldown, reducing the need to max it.



Utility is the best tree to max for most champions. Gangplank does benefit quite a lot from CDR so that 9% goes along way. Also getting the 3% speed boost and mana regen is quite noticeable.


Exhaust + Flash

Flash is a great summoner spell to have, couple this with 21 in the utility tree and it is up in no time. Many Tanky dps and AD carries think they can take on gangplank with relative ease. This leads to many duels and I find exhaust + ult really helps turn the fight around.

Ghost and Cleanse are pretty useless on SpeedPlank, Ignite could be taken instead but it's not like the healing reduction is going to be useful due to Gangplank's passive.


Reds: Crit Chance / Armor pen

Yellows: MP5 per level

Blues: CDR or Magic Resist, both flat or per level.

Quints: Move Speed / Crit Damage / Armor Pen

There is quite a lot of choice in these runes, many people like the flat 25 Armor Pen yet I don't find it as useful on Gangplank. The Crit Chance runes will allow you to reach 100% Crit chance and can play a heavy role in lane.

Move Speed and Crit Damage both synergize really, really well with this Gangplank build, so it's really up to you.



The part most of you probably skipped to :P


- Armor + 5 pots.


- Brawler Glove + 2 pots.

Armor will give you a huge ton of sustainability in lane. The Brawlers glove will give you 20% Crit chance however. Both build into very useful items so it simply depends on how tough your lane is.

Core Items:

- Boots of Swiftness / Boots of Lucidity.

- Wriggles Lantern

- Avarice Blade

The order you get these items is defined by your lane. If you are doing well in your lane then Avarice will be good to get the gold flowing early.

Boots are also extremely important and I'd recommend getting them 2nd no matter what.

Wriggles Lantern pretty much means you'll never have to leave lane and that free ward is so good. Wriggles is beneficial the entire game and allows you to sneak off and counter-jungle seeing as you're so hard to gank. Also helps with pushing heaps.

The Rest:

- Phantom Dancer

- Phantom Dancer

- Infinity Edge

- Last Whisper

- Bloodthirster (Replaces Wriggles)

I know this build looks extremely squishy. Yet if anyone could get away with it, it's definitely SpeedPlank. If you're dominating you will be focused first in team fights, yet once you escape the enemies grasp they simply can't catch up to you.

If you get focused simply W, Flash, Kite. Depending on how quick your reactions are they only have 1-2 seconds to kill you.

You'll end up with about 550+ Movespeed with E active, around 340AD and 87% - 99% Crit chance.



Early Game:

Gangplank can solo yet I find it best when you duo lane with him, espcially with a bruiser type character such as Blitzcrank, Alistar, Renekton, Garen, Rumble etc. He deals a deceptively large amount of damage early game so it isn't that hard to pick up some kills once you get in some scruffles.

However you mostly just want to farm until you can get your core items.

Mid Game:

By this stage you should have your core items and be working towards your first Zeal. These 3 items give you a bit of everything that makes this build great. Speed, pushing power and crit.

During this stage you should be looking for lanes that can be pushed and pushed hard. Failing that you could always steal the enemies jungle as well as helping to control dragon.

Your W and Speed make you extremely difficult to gank. It's almost impossible to be killed by one enemy with all your spells up. So meeting a Udyr in the jungle isn't going to equal a death.

Late Game:

Basically teams will be grouping up, anytime there isn't a teamfight you should be pushing and pushing hard. You should have 2 Phantom Dancers by now and be running around at about 550+ Move speed with E active. It requires at least 3 people to even have a chance of killing you.

Use your E while travelling between lanes too, just to push quicker and harder. If a teamfight breaks out you can get there pretty fast, just make sure to Ult as soon as it starts, it really helps your team kite the enemy. In a teamfight you should be working as an anti-carry, zooming in and out whenever you can. Simply auto-attacking any champion once will greatly hurt them as all their healing is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds.

If you can't get yourself in there just Parllay away, it's not like they can catch you or anything.

Late Late Game:

Now you have 550+ Movespeed, 300AD, 100% Crit and about 300CS. You are a carry in your own right. You can destroy a minion wave in less than 4 seconds and towers completely melt away. Even singed has trouble keeping up with you. (True Story)

I've only been to this stage once, but it was an easy win from there.



9/0/21 Flash + Exhaust

Crit Chance reds - MP5 per lvl yellows - anything blues - Move speed / Crit Damage Quints

Wriggles, Switfness, Avaric, Phantom Dancer 2x, IE, Last Whisper


Proof of my Greatness

It's Hilarious to watch a Vayne run in fear of a Gangplank xD


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What nine do you get in Offense? The generic 3 in crit, one in AP, 4 in CD and 1 in Mpen?

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That build is bad. You could have so much more AD while having more survivability.
Have you tried lots of MR per level runes with
Trinity, Frozen Mallet, Infinity, Atmas, Last Whisper? You are tanky (!), you have RIDICULOUS AD and enough crit while having decent armor, a perm slow and moar (for example Trinity Proc on Q).
It's definitely better then your "look at me, any mage can 2shot me"-build.

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What nine do you get in Offense? The generic 3 in crit, one in AP, 4 in CD and 1 in Mpen?

3 in crit, 1 in improved Exhaust.

4 in cooldown.

1 in Magic Pen.

15% Magic Pen in ult seems better than 2 flat armor pen.

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It sounds like a fun build. Gankplank sucks so bad now that I'd like to try something different than the usual stuff.
This sounds like it takes good advantage of the skills that GP has. It kinda makes him like a Master Yi backdoor-er, except with higher base move speed and an anti-stun/heal, as well as a better early game due to range.

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White Mongoose



Doesn't look at different from builds before the patch. Your still building crit and its all nice but you need def since he's going to be going into melee range now.