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Whats the best way to play Malphite?

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One thing I would like to add, which is also very viable item to build off your starting ruby crystal is the leviathin (bad spelling get over it)
With it's recent changes to give 2 stacks off an assist, and malphites huge aoe damage/initiating potential, you could be looking at an easy 6 stacks (at least) per team fight, eventually leading to 640 hp and a 15% less damage buff (fantastic for his shield), the cost is low, the payoff great, I usually pack cleanse and flash for survivability and to reach those juicy squishes in the back, which I think malphite is Ideal for dispatching.

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My personal experiences with Malphite (playing as, playing with, and playing against) have been very mixed. I've seen all sorts of crazy builds.

A friend of mine tends to build him as a DPS, which seems viable, but I really don't believe so. He can be a decent assassin/anti-melee carry through his DPS builds/skills, but there are others who excel at that role.

I once played against an AP/HP stacking Malphite - and let me say, he was a beast. He built his sorc boots, RoA early, Rylai, and a Mejai. With one Unstoppable Force initiation, he could kill one, maybe two of my team members (UF -> GS -> Shard) fairly easy, and with his decent HP, he could withstand some blows that come with initiating.

In my opinion, tank builds are very viable on Malphite, but he himself should NOT be the primary tank. I'd call him a support tank, due to his debuffs (AS slow and MS slow) and great initiation skill. To build him well for this, he would need some auras, armor, and HP. Soul Shroud, Frozen Heart, Aegis, and maybe even an Innervating Locket would be a good way to go (Yay for Ground Slams low CD).

I hope this helps.

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I favor a hybrid/utility/CD Reduction type build.
-Frozen Mallet
-Fiendish Codex
-Boots of Swiftness
-Rod of Ages

Always grab golem, and enjoy yourself when the shard hits like a truck... also, I seem to remember Unstoppable Force having a 1.0 AP Ratio, so a Mejai's is even quite viable on the AP hybrid build.

Team fight-
Blow your ult on the max amount of players you can hit, ground pound, then shard one of the squishies, throw on the melee damage boost skill as you auto attack them into the ground. (Really, really effective at removing ranged carries from a fight, aka. Ashe, Twitch, Sivir, etc.)