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Trynd, how do I counter him?

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Senior Member


1. Thornmail
2. Frozen Heart
3. Zhonya's Hourglass
4. Guardian Angel (he'd have to kill you twice, because you make him waste time on his ult while you are rezzing)

Knock-up/Knock-away (he cannot cast Undying Rage while knocked)

Burst him down (with your team), then CC/exhaust him. Three seconds later, use ignite and it's a guaranteed kill if you are at least level 16 or so. If not, then cast it four seconds later, and that will definitely kill him.

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I think you should always avoid 1vs1 with tynda as he is a killer.No matter what will you do,he will eat you.And yes,he kinda heals if Ignite isnt timed well.Try to stay with your mates,never go alone,also its always good to have in team someone who can slow,take exhaust or got red buff.Other thing that works well againts him is poison,what you dont really have.As Teemo i killed him,was thinking he escaped,but then..you have slaid..aww..sweet.Yet,i am sure i wouldnt live if i would have go face to face with him.
So,i have only 1 advice.Stick with buddies,slow him ,exhaust till ulti on..ignite,poison.If you want you can count untill hes ulti is on to know when to hit him,i sometimes do

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exaust when he ult run and then kill him easy stuff