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Singed help

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When I play singed I get 3 items.

Boots 3
Rod of Ages
Rod of Ages - game ends

If not grab whatever you like. If you've done well you can get the 2 rods fast and if the game drags on you can hit 4000 hp with 1 more item. All the while you have 100+ damage DPS from poison, large fling damage and with insanity potion a mighty fine hit.

Although both Nasus and Veigar will absolutely ruin your day with their ultimates with this approach.

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Dwight K Shrute

Junior Member


I'm 185-103 as singed, which accounts for more than 1/2 my games, the majority of those games i grabbed a couple rods of ages and that works great, ryla's is very nice but goo is nicer

the best build in my oppinion is:

war mogs(get boots 1 before you finish)
boots +3 or merc's treads
spirit visage
force of nature
guardian angel

you can solo an entire team with this build, your most dangerous when you have 2 bars of health, insanity potion flowing, and a greedy opposing team

a big advantage to singed is that he could be built so many ways to be effective, your job is to initiate, tank, and chase down, your an amazing farmer that can take down a turret at lvl 6 in 1 creep wave then cleanse and ghost away with an entire team chasing you

as far as runes go, magic pen, dodge, ap at 18 and movement speed quints
9/0/21 > 9/21/0 just cuss of the movement speed

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Flash is best on Singed atm -- once you get used to it, you can Flash directly on an enemy and toss them back to your team. It's worth noting that tossing enemies back to your team isnt always your best option...you can toss an enemy physical DPS out of attack range to save a team mate etc.

I also always take teleport on Singed. He can EASILY solo 1st and 2nd towers once he hits lvl 16 (1st towers at lvl 11 with ease.) Teleport also allows me to farm massive creep waves in seconds and get out safely.

Flash I can see, though I usually prefer Ghost on Singed.

Teleport for getting in to hit towers or escaping? While Singed is fine for bashing towers while his ultimate is on (and it's cooldown is short enough that it's fine to use nearly any time you get to beat on a tower for a while), he's really not the best for that and it seems better to leave that to the experts (Yi, Twitch, any physical carry on your team). And Singed is already one of the best escapers in the game, if not on the level of someone like Shaco. He runs fast, has maybe the best AoE slow in the game with a short cooldown, lots of health, AND most players won't chase into your poison (or sometimes they just die of it!) And, of course, if you are carrying Flash it's even less necessary.

Teleport is of course useful in nearly any game or champion, but it seems like Singed is one who needs it least of all, except for those able to teleport with champion abilities.

I'd almost always rather have Ghost, Cleanse, or even just a team ability like Clairvoyance or Fortify.

Stacking Rods is the easy answer, though as someone said Veigar will wreck you with that build. =(