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Jungle yi?

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So i recently started jungling yi, and i just want to know what the optimal runes/masteries/ route i should take? Currently i go ARpen reds, flat armor yellows, MR/lvl blues and flat hp quints, im going 17/3/10 masteries, taking armor in defense ( im iffy on this, should i just max crit dmg instead?) I start at mini golem, then wraiths, then wolves, b buy boots go to Blue then wraiths and by that time I should be ganking,( if not I make sure i attempt red if i have the health and I've been lucky enough with q procs) Also i start with cloth armor and 4 hp pots, so i will have just enough for boots when I b.
Should i change anything? Or is this setup fine? thanks in advance for any answers

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I jungle with Yi quite often. I go 21/0/9 masteries with ARPen reds, Attacks Speed yellows, MR/level blues and flat hp quints. For my jungle route I do the following:

Buy Cloth Armor and two HP pots.

Mini Golems, Wraiths, Wolves then b. If your alpha strike procs once on Golems or Wraiths you can get back only using 1 HP pot. If it procs on both then you can get back without using either HP pot.

Once back I buy Longsword and another HP pot if I used both and have the cash. Then I make the Mini Golems, Wraith, Wolves run again and b to buy Madred's Razors. From there I generally hit red and look for a gank or make the run again and go to grab blue if I happen to be over in that area. Now between ganking and jungling I get enough cash to afford Wriggle's Lantern and immediately go ward Dragon. You can take Dragon as well usually, but I often like to grab Berserker's Greaves first.

I usually have Wriggles and Berserker's Greave built by lvl 7 or so and from there it is easy to Dragon and start ganking heavily.

I realize I buy boots late and that can make grabbing a gank around lvls 4 and 5 hard if you need too, but I take Ghost to help with that.