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Lane Domination vs Pushing

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ITT: Your thoughts on Lane Domination vs Pushing creeps to the tower.

Early game I'm a huge fan of Domination since attacking the tower at a low level feels like a waste of time (I usually don't have high dps). If you're Alistar by all means, push that tower over!
Domination means a level advantage early on, invaluable. Also it keeps you in the middle of the lane which makes ganking you more difficult.

Later in game when farming becomes less important, PUSH PUSH PUSH every chance you get! This is after all the only thing that wins a game.

That's my thoughts.

Definition (tell me if I'm wrong

Lane Domination
You harass your opponents early on, making sure they stay run away whenever you press forward. Minion killing is limited to last-hitting to keep the minions roughly in the center of your towers.
Once the enemy feels threatened by you, use the bushes or simple charging at them to push them back to their tower and out of XP and money's reach.

You focus on auto attacking minions, pushing the wave back until it starts distracting their tower. At this point you try to get as many free shots at their tower as possible while the enemy desperately tries to last hit minions or chase you away.

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Just a related thought: Creep Wave Management

1) At mid levels, to take out a full-health turret, takes about 2 creep waves to tank for you while you attack the turret (for most champions). What this means is that sometimes you do not auto attack and kill the enemy creeps between your 1st wave and their turret and wait for your 2nd wave to catch up. Once your 2 waves will bunch up, kill the enemy creeps and proceed to take out the turret.

This means: more minions hitting enemy turret, and longer you can stay at the enemy turret hitting it.

2) This also applies at level 15+ when you are trying to hit the enemy 2nd outer turret (the one closer to their base). You have 1 creep wave moving towards their turret. The current position is at your 2nd outer turret (your outer turret is usually destroyed at this time). It is usually more advantageous to outrun your creep wave and kill 50% of the enemy creep waves that you encounter, instead of moving with your creep wave.

This means: 1) your creep wave is slowed down so that your 2nd creep wave can catch up. 2) your creep wave doesn't lose many creeps to enemy creeps (you have 2:1 ratio initially)

This allows you have to have substantial creeps at the enemy turret which means you will have an easier time bringing the tower down.

~ Nivled