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It's funny how people talk bad about leona in rank, she one or maybe the best tank on lol if you know how to use her.

On my last rank game team selection people were saying don't take her and that she was a terrbile champion.

You see I have done 4 games with her in rank, and I end up having 4 wins and a total kdr of 11.2:1 initiating all the fight and having an assist/kill count that is on 90% of my team kills.

Im willing to hear your opinion about Leona and if you have some crazy score in rank with her.

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the reason that everyone is saying she's terrible is because there were twice as many impulse buyers that bought her because she was delayed a week, so you have ******s that don't play tanks sitting in the back on her or constantly initiating stupid fights and/or dives/chases

I personally think her e is too powerful, it causes any melee to have to play completely passive otherwise she can hit you with it and chain stun you which normally leads to a kill, especially if she is laning with anyone that has any kind of hard cc