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Solo-ing a tower--how?

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AP Sion can do it. I did it today. But that was after being fed, and sitting on a healthy 600ish Ap.
Lichbane procs, with a shield tanking 900 damage every time its up.

pop shield, start whacking, lich proc. Stun a creep then use lich proc again.
pop ult... etc etc.

tower goes boom.

definately not the best man for the job, but he can definately pull it off.

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Mundo, masochism + ult lets him kill a tower and leave with full health (Get warmogs first). Later after getting atma's, and PD he can solo the two nexus turrets easily.

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Shaco is a master of backdooring. His clone takes most of the damage and deals some, and once the job is done he blips back out of sight. Alistair, Malphyte, Poppy, Yi are all towerkillers. Jax I think too. Actually just about any DPS hero.

I think the only time to backdoor is when it's worth dying for (which is pretty much anytime!) and/or the enemy is occupied. Backdooring while they're at Baron or trying to push your mid is great because
1. the backdoor will be a success and
2. they'll probably panic and send a few guys B to hunt you down, ruining their push.

Like others have said, BACKDOORING is not RUNNING YOUR LANE. I hate facepalming everytime someone says 'sure I'll backdoor!', follows the lane, is surprised by well-prepared opponents at their tower and then tells me I shouldn't have sent him.

If ANYONE gets a glimpse of you on your way to the backdoor, consider it ****ed. Sneak through the jungle and don't get distracted by 'easy kills' because there's always more enemies nearby.

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Korath Arcolite

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Just like most people, I'd say any hero that can deal sufficient autoattack damage and not die.
Yi, Shaco, Trist etc etc etc.
Now, who SHOULD backdoor is a better question. Who can your team afford to 'lose' while the toon is off wrecking house and tearing **** down?
Yi, Shaco and Trist all come to mind. I'm sure I'm missing one or two, but these guys all can a) waste the tower FAST and b) get BACK to the team FAST.
Rammus, Sion, Singed, Poppy, Twitch etc are all important in team fights. They fill vital roles and can hold the enemy's attention long enough to ensure that the BD is successful and are able to put on enough pressure that the BD doesn't turn into a 4v1 gank attempt.