Gerble, the Yordle Warlord

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This is a champion concept by my little brother. I know, I know... It's kinda bad... but I did what I could to salvage his idea and changed some of the abilities behind his back.

Name: Gerble
Nickname: The Yordle Warlord
Short Bio: Uses two claw shots
Alliance: Zaun

Hit Points: Mid
Attack: High
Attack Speed: Mid
Defense: Low
Armor: Mid
Mana: Mid
Ability Power: Low

(S: Short M: Mid: L: Long N: None)

Whirlwind Blade
Gerble slings his chain claw around him, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Cooldown: S
Cast Time: N

Gerble grabs an enemy champion with his chain claw, pulling them towards him and stunning them.
Cooldown: M
Cast Time: N

Nap Time
Gerble takes a quick nap, healing him over time. While he is asleep your Restore power heals twice as much HP for nearby allies.
Cooldown: L
Cast Time: Gerble is stunned for a short time when he wakes up.

Smash ‘em Grab
Gerble grabs two enemy champions and slams them together for high damage. If there is only one champion nearby, Gerble slams into the champion himself for extra damage but hurts himself in the process.
Cooldown: L
Cast Time: N

Appearance: A short goblin-like Yordle with iron armor. His hair is in a mohawk.

Other: Good friends with Trundle.