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Morde build help and suggestions.

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OK, so i have been playing morde a large amount recently, and have found him very fun. I realize he can be build in a number of ways, but recenly I have been focusing on taking down towers and pushing. I want to optimize a build for doing so, and as I am not extremely experienced at making new builds, I would like to as for help from other forumers.

Now, as it stands I have been going with this build:
Doran shield +health pot
boots of choice *often merc treads*
vampiric scepter > bloodthirster (usually sell the doran shield to get the last bit of gold)
zeal > phantom dancer
Phantom dancer

Spells: Ignite + tele (just because I find it useful to the team and outleveling them)

Mastery= offense, going for the cool down and crit chance.

Now I KNOW this is not optimal. I do a crapload of damage, and thanks to good early farming/harrassing I usually am outleveling/farming enemies, and often get a good amount of kills. But as I would like to make this build something that can take towers down as fast as possible whenever we win teamfights, I would like suggestions for change.

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Ruff Ninja

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I have a pretty reliable build for mordekaiser that i've been using. The thing about mordekaiser is he does a ton of damage even without any damage items. I start off with +!4hp/5 necklace and then farm my merc treads. Next I upgrade to warmogs and by this time you're pretty much filling the gaps situationally. If you're not having much trouble staying alive I like to go sunfire cape or Rylai's, otherwise Guardian Angel or Aegis come in handy.

I take flash and teleport or flash and exhaust/ignite on morde.

Morde is a pretty play dependent though. So many people this week are so bad with him. The key is to keep your shield up (duh). But not many players do this. If you're siphoning/shielding yourself on each creep wave, even if the lane is harassing you you're not going to feel it. This is also why you need a bit of health regen since your abilities cost health.

Skill order: siphon/shield/hammer/siphon/siphon/ult/shield/siphon etc..

Typically people are going to focus on you a lot thats why I like this build - with Warmogs. And I still do a ton of damage while being an awesome tank. If I have a team that can focus on champs I can definitely put in some damage to be more than helpful.

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Mine's similar to wg8705. I start with necklace, which I slowly build into warmogs armor. Then I start building the most expensive attack speed (I forget what it's called), after you get that you can backdoor towers (I think). After that maybe a high priced damage item (build it up slowly) or a lifesteal item, or armor, or anything that's not attack speed or health. Just go for expensive stuff, he's a farming ninja, so it's not too hard to get it. I have the same spells as you, but I'm thinking of switching tele for health.

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I used to go all offense, but he's so good at killing creep waves that war armor is really nice. Atma's Impaler also works nicely to bump your damage once your health passes the 3k mark.

I use ignite to combo with his ultimate, and usually exhaust since he doesn't have any built-in CC.

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I always start with the same 3 items and then decide on the remaining 3 based on the makeup of the opposing team.

Initial Item: Regrowth Pendant
Initial Ability: Siphon (Keep that shield up!)

My base items for Mord (which are purchased in this order):
Boots (usually Mercury Treads)

Options for the last 3 items:
Thornmail or Banshee (Whichever provides more survivability from the opposing team)
Abyssal Scepter
Phantom Dancer
Sunfire Cape