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Beholder King, the watcher

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beholders are a type of creature, they are evil beings, Can be conjured by magicians, relied on other worlds, reproducing, or even created the basis of the remains of the others beholders. the Beholder king was summoned for that size by powerful mages noxians the purpose of fighting for them in his great army, but was not as simple to control the beast causing a major incident where you were summoned, killing some of the magicians summoned, the soldiers managed to escape and wizards who attempted to hold the beast, hiding in deep caves far away from all the beholder king began to breed their specialties by magic since he did not know how to return to their world, thus the idea of mastering this where he now lives. But the great sages of league of legends found the beast and his army, and failed to take the beast for a long time, with the solution Tanca the beast, just using his power as a challenge for the league champions, and thus prevent the beget more equal to that beast.

any effect of paralysis, silence, slow, stun or fear is redus its duration in (25%, 50%, 75%)
Q skill: paralyzing rays
paralyzes everyone in the radius of the ray
W skill: rays of ice
damage and slow every one in the line of the ray
E skill: electric currents
damage to the target and ricochet into the nearest enemy, until the first lvl 3 bounces, bounces 5 times second lvl , 7 bounces third lvl, 9 bounces fourth lvl, fifth lvl 11 bounces. not bounce on targets that have prompted the spell damage now
R skill: big eye
damages all within the radius of ray and 4s of silence(same distance as lux uti)

sam as lux XD